Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wings of fire..

The voices in its head
"Give up", They echo the same thing
So many tears it shred
The bird had lost its wing

Darkness surrounds the bird
It looks for some light
Without saying a word
It prepares for the fight

With one wing and tired legs
The fight will be hard it knows
"Have mercy" its soul begs
But It has to walk the path it chose

The battle has started
The bird is taking a beating
It felt its soul had departed
Four words it kept repeating

"I won't give up" it said out loud
Hearing this, Its enemy froze
It got the attention of the crowd
Hope had given its dose

The bird was on its feet now
It spread its wings again
Looked up and took a bow
It no longer felt the pain

The voices began to fade
The tears were now dry
The bird was no longer afraid
Took the leap and began to fly

The bird had done it
Its enemy was on the run
And took all the darkness with it
The bird knew, The battle was won

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Welcome to the new age..

My last post was about how music can heal you at times. This post is again about music but more around the fact how things have changed in music. Frankly, I can listen to anything as long as it connects to me, I don’t care about the musician. No preconceived notions anymore. I’d rather judge music after listening to it. That doesn’t mean I love One direction and Justin Beiber :P. I’ve listened to couple of tracks of both and I didn’t like them, as simple as that. :D 

Earlier I used to criticise them without even listening to them. But after listening to them I can  criticise them freely lol. Anyways, continuing with the subject of the post, its about how music has changed in these many years. From Heavy metal, hard rock to EDM tracks with techno voices. It still sounds good to ear but its not the same. Those raw guitar solos are now replaced by dance beats and less lyrics but we all can adapt.  So have I. I have learnt to like that kind of music along with the amazing bliss of Pink floyd, Led Zeppelin & Queen (My favourite band still #showmustgoon). I generally listen to these songs on VH1, 9XO and tv series (thank you suits :P) 

Coming to bands and solo artists that I listen to nowadays and you can try listening to them too.

  1. Poets of the fall - They rank way higher for me than anyother band because they have kept guitar solos alive. And their music and their lyrics are like a breath of fresh air for me every time I listen to their tracks. And we keep driving into the night, its (not) a lategoodbye :)
  2. Maroon 5 - Peppy, alternative rock music, Don’t give a fuck guys. Yeah these guys don’t care about what music to launch. They just do it. Use swear words and all and all in a good way. This summer definitely hurt like a…. :P
  3. Imagine Dragons - Welcome to the new age, they announced their arrival.. Radioactive the longest running track on billboard is my favourite from the band. At times I put shots on the loop. I am sorry for everything I’ve done, From the second that I was born it seems I had a loaded gun..And then I shot, shot, shot a hole through everything I love..Oh, I shot, shot, shot a hole through every single thing that I loved.. Love the lyrics.
  4. Coldplay - I switch to them occasionally whenever I want to feel good. They are splitting up after their new album by the way which breaks my heart. Damn you! It was para para paradise..
  5. Mumford and Sons - Started listening to them recently. Versatile style is good. Combining country style instruments with guitar and drums their music is pretty good. They gave us all and it worked :)
  6. Sia - I have 6-7 songs of her on my list. Her voice pitch and unique singing style makes her stand apart. And the videos.. I never get them what she is trying to convey but they look amazing at times :D. What can I say fire finally met gasoline for her and brought her to the top of solo artists of this decade. 

Honorable mentions - One Republic, Bastille, Years and Years, Florence and the machine, Lorde, The weeknd, Eddie goulding, Adele, John Newman,Wrabel.. I keep researching for more so it will never end :)

Honorable mentions (Songs) of less heard songs as per youtube but brilliant numbers, deserve more views:

  1. Into the wild by Wrabel
  2. Think by Kalieda
  3. Ten feet tall by Wrabel
  4. Human by Krwella
  5. Reign o'er me (Lovelife remix) by The Who :)
  6. Icarus by White hinterland
  7. Pay my depts by sharon van etten
  8. High by Peking duk ft. Nicole Millar
And many more.. I will keep updating on future posts :P .. Music is life after all.. 

Listen to them and just forget your troubles .. :) God Bless! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Music - The medicine for everything

After some philosophical posts, lets try and do some more philosophy lol! I know you are bored of hearing all about what to and what not to do in life. I know all these lessons suck after a while. We all do what our heart tells us. We don't look here or there and just dive into it thinking that this is probably one of the best decisions of our lives only to find out that It was all a stupid mistake and try to get back to the old miserable life.

But, is it all there to it? What happens once we make a decision and fight to make it going but fail in the end? Thats when the real test of character begins. How beautifully you tackle a tricky situation where your heart is already hurt, now you hurt your mind, body and soul.

And it all goes haywire like a spiral downhill. All the beautiful things around seem ugly, food loses its taste. Voices become silent, water doesn't quench your thirst, life seems meaningless, purposeless, lossless, motionless, weightless, lessless.. lol.  Thoughts take the best of you and you find yourself standing alone in the middle of a room with dead senses thinking that its probably the end of the world!

"SNAP! Come out of that thought you dumb creature! Thats not the way to live life." say that to yourself when that happens to you ever again. Neither its the end of the world nor you are gonna let your thoughts take control of you! Instead, take that phone/laptop/mp3 player/walkman/cd changer/tv/radio/car stereo/dj system/guitar/piano/congo/flute/mouth organ/baja (Hindi) in your hand and start playing some awesome music cause thats gonna take your bloody thoughts away because frankly these utterly useless thoughts make no sense.

There are a billion other beautiful things to do and thinking is not one of them. There is a whole life to look forward to.  Can you see? No! Not yet? Look closely...

That shining star in the sky is you
Those beautiful drops of dew
That shine with the light
Make the darkest places seem bright

Your journey has just begun
You can make it joyous and fun
Hop on the joy train my dear
Let it take away your fear

Failure hurts but only you have the cure
What are you waiting for?
Sing, dance, breathe and let go
Drop those troubles and go with the flow

Fight the emotions my friend
You know this is not the end
Now is not the time to cry
But to spread your wings and fly

Just smile and close your eyes
Run around and catch those fireflies
Everything is going to be fine
Because its your time to shine

P.S: Listen to some good music, it always helps. Whether your are sick or just recovering from a recent setback. Don't waste your thoughts, save them! And let the music take over.

God Bless! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Let the whole world burn..

Yes! Thats copied from Poets of the fall song "Daze". And I don't literally mean to let the whole world burn. I am a peace lover, the most non violent guy you'll ever find :P but I meant it in another sense. Intrigued? Keep reading ;)

So we all know that life is all about learning, we see something, perceive it in a million different ways. We judge the situations at times creating hypothetical maps and scenarios in the brain not knowing that its all a bunch of bullshit and we wasted some precious moments of our lives. Yeah! Thats thinking beyond what your brain can handle. So stop thinking and work, enjoy, play, live!

Anyways, back to the topic continuing from the thinking part, now our thought process also involves the fact we keep thinking, what the world/Friends/Family/Society/Neighbours/your driver/your maid/your garbage man/the guy sitting next to you in the coffee shop/that wasp on the window/that lizard on the wall/That elephant in the african jungles/your boss are thinking about you. Why this unnecessary burden of thoughts? Why can't we just let the whole world burn/be? Care about our own lives and don't give a fuck about who or what is thinking. If we keep thinking and going on that path then only destruction of our precious nerve cells awaits us.

Sometimes all we have to do is just let it be and let it go. The whole process of thinking like this leads to negativity which leads to you doing stupid acts.  Complicated post I know :P and a bit deep too but...

The whole idea of this post is to make you aware that concentrate on the better things in Life and don't be concerned about what Tom, dick and harry are thinking. And drop the judgemental attitude, respect & love everyone no matter what. This life is way too short for hatred by friend :)

Enjoy life! Live your life and your moments & Let the whole world burn! ;)

And listen to this, A great song by Poets of the fall (Keeping Rock music alive. Thank you! :) )

God Bless! :)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Back to Nonsense!

Oh it feels good to be back again.. I don't know how many times I am going to do it.. I feel like Undertaker, who keeps disappearing and reappearing no matter how old he gets.. I guess its the passion that keeps bringing me back.. Well! The bottom line is I am here and I am here for good.. I guess :P

Ok, so the past 3 months have been really full of ups and downs. I learnt a lot of lessons and went through lots of emotions including happiness, sadness, loneliness everything.. But trust me I have come out stronger than ever, feel more confident and ready to take on the world no matter what the situation. Tackled headaches, Game of thrones shocks, drinking, work stress, other stress, car dents, macbook absence, sleepless nights, fuck ups with friends, fights with parents, back to back to back elante visits :P, celebrations etc etc..

Thats not important what I went through, the important thing is what did I learn??

Ok here goes:

1. Celebrate life! You are losing it every second. So don't let your weekends go to waste ;)
2. Maintain a balance between work and play.
3. Stress sucks, don't take it even if its offered for free. Do some work out instead :P
4. Sleep peacefully, your heart feels like exploding if you don't.
5. Keep your emotions under control all the time.
6. Don't get too attached easily, keep it under limits :P
7. Go out and party while you can.
8. Have a girl in the group, you are not allowed in any good place in chandigarh unless you have a girl in the group lol
9. JD with Coke is amazing. Have it often.
10. Do not drink too much if you have to drive.
11. Don't ask for Brut coffee.. it sucks
12. Write more often and don't share everything :P
13. Be confident in everything you do.
14. Believe in destiny & learn to let go :)
15. Live life like a king. You ROCK! ;)

Thats how life is. You keep moving forward and you keep learning. God bless!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Back to Blogging

Its been quite a while, After numerous failed attempts & a stock pile of drafts and writings in personal diary and countless pages, I am finally writing a post on blogger. Life has been good. I think I deem myself worthy to come back and do some more blogging. I have so much to share about this past year which I will do in the coming days but for now, here is a quick FAQ for reference.

On why I didn't blog for more than a year?

I was in search of a new path, visiting places to find the truth, the real truth. The existence of mankind & how we landed on this beautiful planet. I crossed paths with a lot of species like ants, grasshoppers and wasps. I could connect to them and explore the other side of the world. It was as if my soul was an extension to theirs. It was magical!

What is the plan for the future?

I want to go a step ahead and look through the mirror to find the existence of other races. I believe there is a war coming, our race is in danger and its about time we chose a side. I think I'll go with the humans because they seem to be nicer than any other races I have come across. I mean I have seen races like Formula 1 & the Usain Bolt ones so I still don't know which race to go with.

Do you still think?

Yes, I think all the time. Its very important for health & medical reasons. But at times I forget to switch on the light, hence it gets harder to do that but I manage couple of hours per day. Btw think is also a good song by Kaleida.

Define catastrophe in minimum number of words

This blog!

Thank you for reading the above post, I hereby announce my arrival with a piece of unimaginable garbage. :D Thank you for withstanding it.

Its all farce, I was not in search of anything, LOL. In simple words, I was too fucking busy but now I am back as life settles down a bit after the initial struggle of Entrepreneur life (more on that later). So I welcome myself back because I'm happy!

God Bless!

P.S : Ohh! Its good to be back. Expect more posts like this. :D If you don't like them, time to run!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Days go by & we reach Dubai :)

Been a while now, 3 months 12 days to be precise.. and yes! Days go by is a song by Dirty vegas and a very important phrase. Why? There are two reasons for that,

1. Days are passing by so quickly that I don't have time to introspect/retrospect.
2. I am getting older and I can feel it at times.  We are all getting older as the days go by..

Lets just cut to the chase.. I am in no mood to write nowadays for two reasons

1.I am getting lazy with little less work.
2. I am on anti migraine meds. They are taking a toll on me. I have been given the amazing gift to sleep anytime I want. But Its a curse, its not under my control anymore.. :D Moving on..

So lets do the news then, how the past 3 months have been..

My 25th birthday was on 2nd October and it was a bad one, Lets not get into that detail. The whole of October passed by silently with some ups and downs. Bang! into November and for the first time in my life I went out of India, Against my will ofcourse (I am not travel kind of a person, also I had loads of work so it was hard to find time). But I went anyway, and it was a really great experience. I mean I feel really relaxed now and my concentration has jumped 200%.

So the trip to Dubai was great. I visited a desert, the tallest building in the world & met some really nice people.

Starting with the desert, it was one hell of a ride across the arabian desert, they call it the "desert safari". Mind you it wasn't a safari it was desert rollercoaster ride. We were on a Toyota Land Cruiser (4 wheel drive :P, yes! I have knowledge about cars (Thank you TopGear) ) & it was skidding everywhere on these sand dunes.. "Dune bashing" is what they called it.. Bashing! yes you read it right.. :D It was a great "adventurous" experience (The reason I highlighted it is because I am the most unadventurous person :P).

The terrain

Then there was the visit to the tallest building in the world, It stands like a giant pillar or something, visible from 30-40 kms away.. Its called the "Burj Khalifa". The first expression you get on your face after seeing this awe-inspiring building is "WOW". You are standing on the 125th floor of this building, your ear drums feel numb and you get this beautiful view at night.. And you feel awed by this magnificent creation. Thank you dubai for giving me this moment, Standing on top of this building and feeling the air, forgetting your troubles and just admiring the view. It was amazing..

View from "At the top, Burj Khalifa"

Another great thing about Dubai was the discipline the people had. And the helping nature of all the people there. It was nice to talk to "our neighbors". They were really nice in telling us all the facts about dubai and how their country is so similar to ours.

All in all a memorable experience, The only negative thing was that Dubai is damn expensive, wherever you go there is an "entry fee" and that runs into thousands.. But my suggestion is go with your family, keep a budget in mind and shop at "Meena bazaar" or "Dera Market" you can have all the fun & you'll feel at home as well at those places.. :). Thank you Dubai for the memories :)

"Jewel in the crown" 

God Bless!