Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A dream...

People dream all the time..some dream in the day..some in the night...Thats one thing noone can take from us..our dreams...but do they come true??..Are we able to achieve our most cherished desires??..

Well dreams do come true in movies..That I know..but do they in real life? They say if you set an eye towards your dream, Noone in this world can stop you from achieving your dream...bu is it that easy?..Well I guess there is no harm in taking a shot at it..and may be we end accomplishing our dream..

Ah!!...Am at it again..those boring..sick 3rd class philosophies of mine..but I will not torture you any further..well this post is about a dream that I have...(Well I have lots of dreams to be honest)..But I really like this one to be turned into reality..

I dream..

I dream of a changed India, where all of us live in peace and harmony..where is no greater power than the power of love...where politicians think of changing India and not be selfish and be a hinderance to the development of the nation..I dream of an India where there are no discriminations on the basis of caste,religion or sex..An India for whom poverty and unemployment are just mere words and don't signify anything..An India without corruption..An India where each individual is treated equally..and people are judged by their ability and not the money they have in their pockets.Where every issue is handled with brain and not with sentiments and where pety issues are buried  rather than exaggerated further the way they are now.Where truth has the highest value..I dream of An India where there is actually "Unity in diversity"..

This is my hope, my dream and this is one dream I really want to be turned into reality..I know its kind of impossible..but I will not stop hoping and will not stop dreaming, and all I know is that for a change to happen each one of us need to change and be a part of it...I am in it..are you??..

God Bless!


priyanka said...

great dream ankit..all of us would want this dream to come true :)

Amitej Kalra said...

Let's hope that all Indians dream like u...:)...I do for one though...