Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Its time to think again!!

You are probably wondering why my blog name is "its time to think again"?..Well..even if you are not..nevermind!..m gonna tell you anyway..hehe..
Its time to think again..means that its time...to think again...I "think" I wrote the same sentence again..lol!..well it basically means that your mind keeps bothering you all the time to "think" about something or the other all the time..be it a personal matter or a professional matter but you have no option but to "think"..what i mean is..your mind is never free..never!!!..and some of you may even think "what life would be like if I was a little carefree?"..huh?..isn't it?..we humans( well most of us) can't live without thinking about something..its in our nature to pop up something in our head that we could focus our mind on..even thinking about the most ridiculous stuff at times..we all have the habit of doing something unpredictable (I don't.. to be honest..I am quite predictable)..but before that some of us think hard..real hard and when we do something we focus 50% of mind on the task we are doing..and 50% about the end result..even though no matter how many times you are taught..don't worry about the result..just do the task with all the effort..but you can't cause its in your nature by default to think more than your limits..
Take an example..Exams..while preparing or taking an exam.. half of your concentration is on the result and half on what you are doing at present..well this is all about living in the present but thinking about the future..why?..why not enjoy the present with 100% commitment (Even though exams aren't the kind of enjoyment..but someother thing)..??..well even I don't know the answer cause I am one of those who think more than their brain can take...but I still don't stop...me and tension are kind of bonded..but I am trying my best to be "Carefree"..and not to think when/where it isn't required...But you see I can't..just like you can't..Cause I guess this is what life is all about...But we still have the most powerful word with us "Hope"..We can always hope for a Change..
Just like Rocky said in Rocky 4
"If I can change, you can change, anybody can change"..(Well this doesn't concern the topic much..but a great line..)

And one of my favourite lines..This one is from the movie "The shawshank Redemption"

"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies"

So..keep hoping till you run out of breath but never let go of  hope..Cause there is someone up there..who is looking after you..May be your Guardian angel..He/She will show you the way..don't worry..(But we still worry..nevermind!..still keep trying..there is no harm in trying..)

P.S - I don't know what I wrote..and what the conclusion was..where it started...and where it ended..but I wrote (typed rather) whatever my mind prompted me to..Even if you don't like it..nevermind!..I write crap most of the time..but still "do think over it"..lol!!.. :)


Amitej Kalra said...

good.... shabash... try n change... when u find da solution do let me know too... i'm in more dire need than u, n i guess u know dat too... ;)...

Seththewhizkid said...

yeah..m trying..n u should too..and for all of it..hope is the solution..the ultimate word..if u lose hope..u lose life..(Write "lose hope" in Google search" and it will be the first line you'll get)..
As a starter...change your perception about hope..remember the msg you sent me once.. :)...