Saturday, December 6, 2008

The whizkid has arrived!!!

Wow..this line makes me feel like a warrior or some sort of a leader who has come to save
But on a serious note..this is my first writing on blogger...why?..I don't know..I just love to write stuff in my diary..never thought about typing my thoughts and showing it to the world..but hey! as the old saying goes.."You should keep trying something new"..( I don't know if its a saying..I just made it up I guess..hehe)..and you know..Change is good sometimes..

And I don't know...I had made up my mind not to write anymore..(For ridiculous reasons..its me you know..doing idiotic stuff all the time)...but today I just picked up my pen..and just wrote some of my thoughts in my good old diary..and it was back to "Dear Diary"...

If you are wondering that I'll be going into the detail of telling why i stopped writing?..its just too personel to be declared here..if you know what I mean.. ;)... nah!..nothing of that messed up mind..too many thoughts jammed the system.. but that was a phase I think I really repent..

So m back to my old ways..of writing all thoughts in my diary and now here as well to explore the dimension of blogging...but only meaningful thoughts mainly substantive...(I'll try to be as meaningful as possible..ahem..well..I know it ain't feasible in my case..)...

Am here to write my thoughts and also m here to what you guys write..yeah!..lets see what goes on in that little head of yours..Explore your mind!!..and write your heart out..Happy Blogging!!!

P.S - Writing on a paper still rules...hehe...

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