Monday, December 7, 2009

The (CAT)astrophe...

It all started in January when I decided to prepare for the exam that can get you to one of the most respected & prestigious institutes in the world, the IIMs.. Yes I am talking about the Common Admission Test better known as the CAT..Now I was never interested in doing MBA, even at the midst of my preparation I had second thoughts..Should I prepare for CAT or concentrate on my first love..(I am talking about computers, but God bless your overactive mind)..I went on the with the former.......

Anyways TIME went on...and there were some depressing times some happy times and some shocks (This led to some statements like... "Am I that bad?", "Am I that good?" and sometimes even worse..(Its something that can't be mentioned on...

Now by October end I knew IIMs were beyond my reach and the best thing I could do was get into some good four star college (Yes just like Hotels even colleges are rated with stars.. We have 5 star, 4 star(Which according to bulls eye, every college in India is.. hehehe)...etc..I was prepared for the worst and had job plans even MTech plans at the back of my mind..but I never thought the biggest shock was yet to come...

Fast forwarding to 28th November...the day the first online CAT began, I had my CAT the next morning..I was preparing myself mentally on that day, So was not studying...was watching TV for a change and flipping through the channels, I saw the headlines "CAT fails the Test"...Now I won't get into the details of all the news..its all over the internet.. Type CAT 2009 on

I knew that there will be some problems as its hard to conduct an online exam in a country like India but I had never expected such a blunder in a test that would decide the future of 2.5 lakh students..Now at my center I had to wait 3 and half hours before I could start my test and even if that was not enough the technology was there to put the icing on the cake..It was a CAT in which anyone( And by anyone I mean anyone) can get an IIM call if his luck is with him/her..and can even shatter the dreams of a deserving aspirant. It was catastrophic, to be honest..I took the test on the second day so I had no idea what I was about to face and was somewhat happy with my effort but as the week went on I soon realized there is no hope now..only because by the end of the week everyone in India knew what were the questions that were there in the exam, the type of questions..everything( Even the no disclaimer policy was just a mere formality)..and everyone was acing the CAT (Literally...)

"The most important exam in India ruined, there is nothing more to expect"..

And after all this when I look back at the time I started preparing and how I did it, the sacrifices (Not learning anything new on the computer, no games, no facebook, even I avoided watching movies..) so that I could study and atleast get a decent percentile..It was all a waste as far as this CAT goes..

This was not what I expected but what can I say after all this time I am still unplaced with one sem left, still on the same page as far as computer knowledge goes and had just messed up my CAT..All now I can do is hope..that I get placed somewhere good..cause there won't be any celebrations on January 22nd...

But Hey!, I never give up..there is always next time.. CAT 2010..huh?, Why not!!!..
The only good thing is..Now I can get back to my first love and not think about CAT for sometime...

And to all the people who took the CAT '09, GOD BLESS!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Here Comes the Rain again...

I live in Chandigarh(Panchkula actually)..but it felt like Cherrapunji because of all the rainfall that occurred for three continuous days..
WOW! that was pretty awesome considering the weather but it was a nightmare as far as travelling goes..
I drive a two wheeler so I know how it feels when some Car splashes water on you when it speeds past your vehicle..
And thats when you get to do all the Swearing you have learnt in the past few years.. ;) and yell out some really filthy words to the driver..hehe!!

But when you are home in this weather, you have everything to do, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, eat some maggi, and ofcourse who can forget the mom made pakodas...

But then again this all fades away if you have studying to do...ya! have tests to take and some study material to solve..Damn!..this ruins the mood..
One year back on the same day I was a free bird, no tensions on my tensions of getting a job, no tensions of cracking the CAT and certainly no tensions of
But now life has gone full circle...this is like what it used to be in 12th, The fear of cracking a stupid exam after sometime and thinking about its result...

Wait a minute I think I have written about this before..haven't I?..Ah! I am at it again, Criticizing the wonderful life I am living (:P)..

But jokes apart this weather really makes me think...When will we be free??..I mean after 2 months we'll take our CAT and other exams after that finals of seventh sem then the placements and eight sem exams...
Then MBA or JOB...if we go for MBA, the same things will repeat but with a much stricter schedule..
And if we go for a job we'll be having targets to achieve..Damn it!, when does it end..when we won't have teeth to eat and would have to restrain ourselves from eating non healthy food...Ah! yes ofcourse then we will get to enjoy the rain..

:D hahahaha...Exciting concept, I wonder if you all think the same way..No I guess..Man!.. I think way tooooo much..

Gotta go back to studying..Enjoy the weather guys!! :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mussoorie - The Queen of Hills..

Wow..I mean really..Wow..what a trip it was!.. I would have regretted big time if I had missed this one...Well the credit of forcing me to go goes to a few people who kept calling me and of course checking how I was doing with my sore throat..(Excessively sore)...But most of all it goes to the beloved Sikh of our group..Bamba..Thanks a lot man and thanks to your rhetoric ability...You don't owe me anything now..we are!!!!

Anyways..The mussoorie trip ..well we left for mussoorie in the newly started Chandigarh Dehradun Express..What a journey it was..Come to think of it..AC Coach, All friends together, with Plenty of food (Thanks to Karan, Arjun and Gambhir who kept the pantry boys on their toes), Playing Cards..Do i need to say anymore?, It was wait for it......AWESOME!!!..Loved every minute of it..

Soon we reached Dehradun, now the plan was to stay at dehradun for the night and leave for Mussoorie the next day..Well, the night was again great..Total Masti..I, of course not having all the fun with the food because of my sore throat ofcourse..Man! my patience was being tested big time..(I can't imagine myself spending the trip without drinking pepsi but I just did)..

Next day we took the bus to Mussoorie, it was pretty neat..A 35 km drive took around 1-1 and a half hour, And ofcourse the journey was pretty exciting with me, Gaurav and Amitej singing remixes of songs and came up with a few good ;) And of course there was the scenery that was pretty amazing..

Soon were set foot in Mussoorie and we were hungry..really hungry, it was tough at first getting the hotel but we did get one and cheap of course and to be honest we were lucky to get a hotel like that in the peak season..Anyways..then it was the usual strolling around the mall road, checking out the scenery (What kind of scenery depends on your perception)...Had our fixed place for food..Cheap and delicious and of course went to kempty falls..Then came the last night of the trip, when we had an encounter with a scorpion (Not a giant but big enough to scare you..btw I found it)..Now the next scenes were marked by total brutality and savagery with Amitej going all out against the scorpion, I mean I haven't seen a man crave this much for blood and show so much bestiality..He was mad..with weapons(Saurabh's shoes) in both the hands, He even dissected the little guy (Yuck)..

But even that was not enough to get me to sleep, I had a fear of those little monsters and I get Goosebumps whenever I think about them..I ain't a coward its just that there are a few things I am afraid morning we spent our time checking out the beautiful scenery(Here no perception is required.The word is rightly after it rained and then it was back to dehradun by bus (won't go into the details of that wasn't that pretty..thanks to the bus driver)..

Then we caught the train back to Ambala from Dehradun, wasn't AC but was fun...Reached Ambala 1 and a half hours late thanks to the delay..From Ambala we took a bus to Chandigarh and man!..was that a bus or a Concord??..In no time we were at Zirakpur, from there we took an Auto and I had in my mind that in an hour or two I have to go to Bulls eye for the class..but as I sat on the bed after reaching home, I just don't remember anything..I was off to sleep in a flash..I was really exhausted having slept for 3 hours in almost two days..

All in all it was a lovely sojourn at mussoorie and of course the journey to mussoorrie who can forget that..Had fun and will remember it for the rest of my life..

P.S - All of you people studying in College, do make a trip with your friends...Be it Mussoorie or Shimla or anyother Hill Station..Just go and enjoy life, you will not get these days back..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

02 and 03 of 09...

Its about the past two months of my life..Feb and march...I know its late..but everytime I tried to write, I just couldn't think of the right words..I know my vocab sucks big time!..

Ok the months had everything..

Mock Tests, Sessionals, early morning classes, food poisoning, website designing, Close encounters (If you know what I mean.. ;) )..and a pinch of LAN gaming experience and ofcourse the usual College...

Well, where to start then??..Alrite, it all began when I was given the task of designing a website for the college early in Feb..And there I was on to it and started designing a prototype...and believe it or not I was working almost 24x7..literally!..Web desgining is quite tough man!..but all that matters is the end result..everybody loved the piece I designed but I ain't satsified yet..and I think I can do way better than that..there is a level I'd like to surpass...and that level I haven't achieved between I faced a lot of hurdles..first hurdle..the earllllyyyy morning classes..oh man!..imagine sleeping at 2:00 am and waking up at 5:30..with your head feeling like its being beaten with a god damn hammer..Anyways this wasn't just the obstacle..then came sessionals..and guess what I was doing multi tasking this time around..Website, sleeping late, waking up early, attending classes, taking the sessionals and if that wasn't enough there was that gastric problem that I had..a minor case of food poisoning..and at the end of that week a mock test..

And besides all that trouble I came out strong...very strong..hahaha..Now I weigh 57..and I had reached the milestone of 60 for a few days..and it just took one week to come down to 57 whereas it took nearly a year to get to 60 from 55...but really I had fun that week..and ofcourse performed decently in all spheres..:)..and then it was time to recuperate..So I gave up..its hard to say..."Maggi"..I gave up my favourite food just so that I don't get those gastric problems I had... :(

The month of March was refreshing and a bit frustrating too..I had problems figuring out what I wanted to do in life..but I finally came to the conclusion..and this is what I said to get my life back on track.."Dekha jayega"..hahaha..

And if that wasn't enough next came the encounter..that made everything even more worse..and frustration had overtaken I wanted to kill someone or beat someone up..(Thats so unlike me) and soon I found the solution to that..Gaming..yeah I killed men and saw them dying and there was something glorious about it (FYI I got killed too)..yeah! it made me happy..And by the way I am talking about Counter strike for all you gaming enthusiasts out there..

And don't worry I am completely normal and won't go on shooting spree in a real life...and just so you know..I won't be discussing the encounter here..its just not the right place ;)...and Btw I have made a decision so that in case a thing like this is repeated in the future I am ready..and won't be bothered at all...

That concludes the post...and I am thinking now..what the hell have I written..a piece of crap..
Sorry for wasting your time..hahaha..cheers!!!..

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Losing it!!!

Well, Its been a while since I wrote my last entry and I was thinking of making another social post and regarding the fact that its not safe anymore, even cricketers are being attacked, and death is just a bullet away or a stab away, just beware may be your neighbour could be one the Als or could belong to any B,C or D company...or or or..Your neighbour could also be from one of the dals or the parishads..or watever...and if you are caught with your bf/gf you might end up getting married or thrashed..anyways..enough of the scaring n all..I am not going to discuss that in this post..

I am going to discuss a very interesting topic today..."ME"...I mean "YOU"...I mean everyone of us..How many of us..wake up every morning with a new promise..with a new ray of hope..??..Almost everyone I guess..But at the end of the day..we still aren't happy with what we achieved or what we did..And day after day after day after months..We end up saying.."Man!..I think I am losing it!!..This life is hell!!"..Well that generally  happens when we either get "Less" marks in an exam, get ditched/dumped by our gf/bf or even when see our crush getting hitched (Not literally, committed rather.. ;) ...) and even when we are doing nothing all day but just sitting and thinking..and studying the damn tenses (past, present, future i.e)...

Well all in all there are many reasons for that to happen..but where does it take us..does it make us a loser??..Nah!
Its just a phase of life my friend where we all try to figure out what we want to do in life, where we learn to live life and what life has in store for us in the near future..Its just a learning curve for you..So for the future you, you aren't losing it but winning it in some way or the other..

So, just chill and enjoy life!!!

P.S - This post is quite contradictory and even similar in someways..(hehe).. to the post "Its time to think again" (just scroll down)..and even to the topic! and even to my blog name!..just read it n forget about it, cause I know tommorow morning you'll make a new promise and at night you'll still say.."oh!..Pathetic life..I am losing it"..(I know this is what I'll be doing..hahaha)...But as the old saying goes..

"CHALTA HAI!!!"..(Life goes on!)

Ciao!..n Happy Holi!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

That same old feeling...

Oh man! It feels as if we have turned back time and are back in the year 2k5..1 year before the sick competitive exams..Sitting in the classroom of the coaching center solving those monstrous Mathematics questions and thinking about how others are doing...And then I try to reconfigure my mind and come back to 2009, the subjects are different, the exam is different but the situation is the same...

Tutions again!

The exams - CAT, XAT, SNAP, FAT, LAT, DAT..(whatever exam is there just take it..we have to go somewhere and take a break for 3 years( For recession to settle))

Situation - 3-4 lac students (Don't know the exact figure, just decided to prepare for CAT last week) appearing and competing for a seat in the IIMs,IITs(Again) and many more..

Those damn days, I have to face it all again, it now feels like we were freed from a jail  for 3 years after a 2 year imprisonment and then sent back to a different prison( Max security) for another one year term and they don't even tell us the crimes we have committed (May be too much fun in the 3!)..

All I know is that I have taken the step to bell the CAT,XAT etc, so I'll put an effort into it..and I also know that all the weight I put up in the last 3 years will be lost but I have no other option but to go for it (I really wanted to do something in technical field but this ain't Silicon valley)..

But before I end this, I want to ask God..

Dear God

Why this has to happen again and again, can't we lead a peaceful life, just relax and enjoy..We will not get to live again, So why we have to face exams almost half the time we spend on earth..??..Why this recessesion occured only when we were about to get a job?...hmm well, please do answer these questions when you get the time and you know where to find me..

And for all of you who are thinking of cracking the CAT,XAT etc..beware!

Not from me..from the exam..I have heard its quite tough...hehehe!!

All the best!..