Friday, January 16, 2009

That same old feeling...

Oh man! It feels as if we have turned back time and are back in the year 2k5..1 year before the sick competitive exams..Sitting in the classroom of the coaching center solving those monstrous Mathematics questions and thinking about how others are doing...And then I try to reconfigure my mind and come back to 2009, the subjects are different, the exam is different but the situation is the same...

Tutions again!

The exams - CAT, XAT, SNAP, FAT, LAT, DAT..(whatever exam is there just take it..we have to go somewhere and take a break for 3 years( For recession to settle))

Situation - 3-4 lac students (Don't know the exact figure, just decided to prepare for CAT last week) appearing and competing for a seat in the IIMs,IITs(Again) and many more..

Those damn days, I have to face it all again, it now feels like we were freed from a jail  for 3 years after a 2 year imprisonment and then sent back to a different prison( Max security) for another one year term and they don't even tell us the crimes we have committed (May be too much fun in the 3!)..

All I know is that I have taken the step to bell the CAT,XAT etc, so I'll put an effort into it..and I also know that all the weight I put up in the last 3 years will be lost but I have no other option but to go for it (I really wanted to do something in technical field but this ain't Silicon valley)..

But before I end this, I want to ask God..

Dear God

Why this has to happen again and again, can't we lead a peaceful life, just relax and enjoy..We will not get to live again, So why we have to face exams almost half the time we spend on earth..??..Why this recessesion occured only when we were about to get a job?...hmm well, please do answer these questions when you get the time and you know where to find me..

And for all of you who are thinking of cracking the CAT,XAT etc..beware!

Not from me..from the exam..I have heard its quite tough...hehehe!!

All the best!..