Sunday, March 8, 2009

Losing it!!!

Well, Its been a while since I wrote my last entry and I was thinking of making another social post and regarding the fact that its not safe anymore, even cricketers are being attacked, and death is just a bullet away or a stab away, just beware may be your neighbour could be one the Als or could belong to any B,C or D company...or or or..Your neighbour could also be from one of the dals or the parishads..or watever...and if you are caught with your bf/gf you might end up getting married or thrashed..anyways..enough of the scaring n all..I am not going to discuss that in this post..

I am going to discuss a very interesting topic today..."ME"...I mean "YOU"...I mean everyone of us..How many of us..wake up every morning with a new promise..with a new ray of hope..??..Almost everyone I guess..But at the end of the day..we still aren't happy with what we achieved or what we did..And day after day after day after months..We end up saying.."Man!..I think I am losing it!!..This life is hell!!"..Well that generally  happens when we either get "Less" marks in an exam, get ditched/dumped by our gf/bf or even when see our crush getting hitched (Not literally, committed rather.. ;) ...) and even when we are doing nothing all day but just sitting and thinking..and studying the damn tenses (past, present, future i.e)...

Well all in all there are many reasons for that to happen..but where does it take us..does it make us a loser??..Nah!
Its just a phase of life my friend where we all try to figure out what we want to do in life, where we learn to live life and what life has in store for us in the near future..Its just a learning curve for you..So for the future you, you aren't losing it but winning it in some way or the other..

So, just chill and enjoy life!!!

P.S - This post is quite contradictory and even similar in someways..(hehe).. to the post "Its time to think again" (just scroll down)..and even to the topic! and even to my blog name!..just read it n forget about it, cause I know tommorow morning you'll make a new promise and at night you'll still say.."oh!..Pathetic life..I am losing it"..(I know this is what I'll be doing..hahaha)...But as the old saying goes..

"CHALTA HAI!!!"..(Life goes on!)

Ciao!..n Happy Holi!!