Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mussoorie - The Queen of Hills..

Wow..I mean really..Wow..what a trip it was!.. I would have regretted big time if I had missed this one...Well the credit of forcing me to go goes to a few people who kept calling me and of course checking how I was doing with my sore throat..(Excessively sore)...But most of all it goes to the beloved Sikh of our group..Bamba..Thanks a lot man and thanks to your rhetoric ability...You don't owe me anything now..we are!!!!

Anyways..The mussoorie trip ..well we left for mussoorie in the newly started Chandigarh Dehradun Express..What a journey it was..Come to think of it..AC Coach, All friends together, with Plenty of food (Thanks to Karan, Arjun and Gambhir who kept the pantry boys on their toes), Playing Cards..Do i need to say anymore?, It was wait for it......AWESOME!!!..Loved every minute of it..

Soon we reached Dehradun, now the plan was to stay at dehradun for the night and leave for Mussoorie the next day..Well, the night was again great..Total Masti..I, of course not having all the fun with the food because of my sore throat ofcourse..Man! my patience was being tested big time..(I can't imagine myself spending the trip without drinking pepsi but I just did)..

Next day we took the bus to Mussoorie, it was pretty neat..A 35 km drive took around 1-1 and a half hour, And ofcourse the journey was pretty exciting with me, Gaurav and Amitej singing remixes of songs and came up with a few good ;) And of course there was the scenery that was pretty amazing..

Soon were set foot in Mussoorie and we were hungry..really hungry, it was tough at first getting the hotel but we did get one and cheap of course and to be honest we were lucky to get a hotel like that in the peak season..Anyways..then it was the usual strolling around the mall road, checking out the scenery (What kind of scenery depends on your perception)...Had our fixed place for food..Cheap and delicious and of course went to kempty falls..Then came the last night of the trip, when we had an encounter with a scorpion (Not a giant but big enough to scare you..btw I found it)..Now the next scenes were marked by total brutality and savagery with Amitej going all out against the scorpion, I mean I haven't seen a man crave this much for blood and show so much bestiality..He was mad..with weapons(Saurabh's shoes) in both the hands, He even dissected the little guy (Yuck)..

But even that was not enough to get me to sleep, I had a fear of those little monsters and I get Goosebumps whenever I think about them..I ain't a coward its just that there are a few things I am afraid morning we spent our time checking out the beautiful scenery(Here no perception is required.The word is rightly after it rained and then it was back to dehradun by bus (won't go into the details of that wasn't that pretty..thanks to the bus driver)..

Then we caught the train back to Ambala from Dehradun, wasn't AC but was fun...Reached Ambala 1 and a half hours late thanks to the delay..From Ambala we took a bus to Chandigarh and man!..was that a bus or a Concord??..In no time we were at Zirakpur, from there we took an Auto and I had in my mind that in an hour or two I have to go to Bulls eye for the class..but as I sat on the bed after reaching home, I just don't remember anything..I was off to sleep in a flash..I was really exhausted having slept for 3 hours in almost two days..

All in all it was a lovely sojourn at mussoorie and of course the journey to mussoorrie who can forget that..Had fun and will remember it for the rest of my life..

P.S - All of you people studying in College, do make a trip with your friends...Be it Mussoorie or Shimla or anyother Hill Station..Just go and enjoy life, you will not get these days back..


Amitej Kalra said...

shabash.... you've portrayed my character a little too brutally i think, but really well-written( though some finer points of the trip are missing)....

Arpit Rastogi said...

Sahi hai bete,
itni sari masti maar ke aa gaye vo bi KALLE-KALLE.. :P

Or han, Now take care of Bamba kahin 'Scorpion ki maut' ka badla lene ke liye The Rock(Scorpion King) na aa jaye.
BambaMan vs. Scorpion King
Kittu tujhe kya lagta kon jeetega? :P

@Bamba- Why dun you tell us bout the missing points. :)

Seththewhizkid said...

hahaha...The Rock doesn't stand a chance against our bamba man..yaar didn't record the video of that incident..when he was beating the hell out of that scorpion..even the mightiest of the scorpions would have gotten scared at that moment..hehehe!!..

And ya Amitej tell us..c'mon...hehehe.. ;)

Amitej Kalra said...

No comments.... :P