Sunday, September 13, 2009

Here Comes the Rain again...

I live in Chandigarh(Panchkula actually)..but it felt like Cherrapunji because of all the rainfall that occurred for three continuous days..
WOW! that was pretty awesome considering the weather but it was a nightmare as far as travelling goes..
I drive a two wheeler so I know how it feels when some Car splashes water on you when it speeds past your vehicle..
And thats when you get to do all the Swearing you have learnt in the past few years.. ;) and yell out some really filthy words to the driver..hehe!!

But when you are home in this weather, you have everything to do, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, eat some maggi, and ofcourse who can forget the mom made pakodas...

But then again this all fades away if you have studying to do...ya! have tests to take and some study material to solve..Damn!..this ruins the mood..
One year back on the same day I was a free bird, no tensions on my tensions of getting a job, no tensions of cracking the CAT and certainly no tensions of
But now life has gone full circle...this is like what it used to be in 12th, The fear of cracking a stupid exam after sometime and thinking about its result...

Wait a minute I think I have written about this before..haven't I?..Ah! I am at it again, Criticizing the wonderful life I am living (:P)..

But jokes apart this weather really makes me think...When will we be free??..I mean after 2 months we'll take our CAT and other exams after that finals of seventh sem then the placements and eight sem exams...
Then MBA or JOB...if we go for MBA, the same things will repeat but with a much stricter schedule..
And if we go for a job we'll be having targets to achieve..Damn it!, when does it end..when we won't have teeth to eat and would have to restrain ourselves from eating non healthy food...Ah! yes ofcourse then we will get to enjoy the rain..

:D hahahaha...Exciting concept, I wonder if you all think the same way..No I guess..Man!.. I think way tooooo much..

Gotta go back to studying..Enjoy the weather guys!! :)