Thursday, February 4, 2010


Dreams, I can write on and on about this crazy phenomenon or whatever you may call it. These unusual thoughts that come to your mind when you are fast asleep or wide awake (Studying in particular). They take you to this unusual world which you can't even imagine...Sometimes that world is a very positive place and sometimes its out an out negative (This is something we like to call "A nightmare").. I usual don't get nightmares but when I dream I see a dream far from reality...

Some dreams make you so happy that once you get up from that dream you feel so angry that you start disliking the beautiful life you are living, believe me its true.

Well the main reason behind the post is that I dream a lot...a lot...But I don't know why I cant turn them into reality (Some of them, some I believe I can)..Nor m I closer to them right now...I want to work towards the dream that I am so concerned about the consequences that it drives me crazy at times and I think about may be getting that part erased so that I no longer get that dream (This idea came to my mind after watching eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.. :P).. Some part inside me already knows that the dream is pretty distant and probably unachievable. But its just not going keeps coming back.. :D

Now all because of this reason, I hate these dreams cause they show you heaven and life seems hell..

My advice: Dream is a wonderful thing..but just don't believe in that so much that you start taking life easily. And also don't get depressed if you are not able to achieve your dream(God Forbid!).. Lets hope you will, they are just there to take you to another world where you can be the king...more like a prince.. :D ..And also think differently..don't lose hope if your dream doesn't seem a reality..Keep trying till you can..

P.S : Think of a dream that can be achieved..And control your emotions when you wake up from a dream..hehehe.. :D

I am writing this post and I am still dreaming...

God bless!!!