Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lost the will to read and write!

Yeah, u read it right!, I have lost the will to read and write, the past month has been so frustrating and depressing that I don't feel like doing anything but sit on the computer and do crazy stuff..programming, designing whatever I can do to keep my mind occupied. And when there is nothing to do, I just sit and think... :P and I think... "What now?"..

I won't go deep into what happened over the past month or so, its not easy to come out of it I know, I'll do that soon and getting pretty better at it but for the time being, I don't feel like doing any literary stuff.. It just annoys me..

"They say everything happens for the best.. If something is not going right its for your betterment"
Well I have no option but to believe in that statement cause Forget the past and move forward is the motto of life, but somethings aren't easy to forget you see.. It'll take time but it will go away but till then no blogging..

P.S : I am totally free for the next three months and it just freaks me out, I look back and all that hard work... Wasted!..Its easy to say but not easy to digest..

God Bless!.. :)


AbHi said...

C'mon dude.
Cat didnt go well, agreed. Its been like 10 days now. Fuck it. You're not the lamenting types! Get on with stuff, be urself!

P.S. this was a literary stuff u just wrote! :P

Seththewhizkid said...

Yeah m not.. :D
Can't help it yaar..its pretty hard to be normal again..But am trying my best to get over it.. :P

P.S : It was written out of pure frustration, so wrote whatever came to my mind.. :D

AbHi said...
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AbHi said...

Shakespeare must've been frustrated all his life !
lol. :D

keep rockin man. dont give in!

Arpit Rastogi said...

Tension nai lene ka bhai...

:) :) :)

CAT ki maa ki.. :X
Fuck it. Forget it. That's it.. :P

n Fuck You for no Blogging..

Keep Writing Kittu.. :)

P.S. Vaise sach bataun toh i dun feel like doing Theater now. :( Um taking a break as well. :|