Monday, November 7, 2011


So.. how is everyone doing.. I know u missed me.. ;) I missed you too.. :D Hehe.. enought said.. Lately I have been pretty much occupied with .. sleep, work and more sleep and ofcourse studying.. Studying.. :O yeah! you read it right mate.. but studying what?.. oh you know the usual.. google news n all.. :D Anyways.. Today is a great day.. a wonderful day... cause today is the day I begin my journey to become an entrepreneur (oh cool! I typed the word correctly.. a good omen I presume.. ;) .. yeah! been reading the alchemist.. ) Must say that book blew my mind somewhat, made me believe that we should never stop pursuing our dream no matter what, and its not just the book that made me realize my destiny, my dream....

Lets turn back the clock to 6th october... around 6 AM.. going to chandigarh from Gurgaon with my brother for his wedding.. in came a message .. that steve jobs is no more.. And I was like.. shocked for a few seconds.. man! The "i" in inspiration had died.. The "i" in innovation had died..
There are very few people in the world that I adore or rather idolize and mr. jobs was one of them. That moment I decided that I had enough of lazing around.. and its time to do what I really dream of doing. I want India to rule the software industry .. why? because India deserves it.. Indian brain is behind almost everything that is spectacular in this world.

All I needed was a spark to ignite the flame.. You have the same in you.. Ask yourself what you really want to do in life? Do you want to follow the crowd or you want to do something that your heart desires and make your own path to your destiny.

Its true.. we are all here in this world and born with a purpose.. a goal.. I know what my purpose in life is and I am going to achieve it no matter what. I know how hard it is.. I know I'll fail countless number of times and my heart will tell me to play it safe but I have to carry on.. cause this is how it is supposed to be ( that book really did do a lot.. :D)

So to sum it up.. Guys! Its a request.. life is tooooooo short .. don't think that you will achieve your dream in later stage of your life.. no! this is the time to do it.. So go ahead.. Believe in destiny and follow your heart.. Mr. Jobs did it.. he lived less but made every second count.. :) Thats the impact you have to put on this planet. ("We are here to make a dent in the universe" -steve jobs.. ;))

Man! I am so pumped up.. hope i don't lose the tempo.. :)
So all the best .. and make every second of your life count..

P.S : If you are not happy with the above post then please read the alchemist by Paulo Coelho and you'll know what I mean.. and ofcourse the word "Maktub".
A special mention to Sir Dennis Ritchie who also died this past month .. the creator of C language.. An inspiration to many and the reason I am able to type all this on this perfect interface.. May his soul rest in peace..

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Next time... sure.. till when!

The act of procrastinating; putting off or delaying or deferring an action to a later time

This is something I never do professionally.. just telling u.. before I start the post.. :D

Anyways so I was saying.. I just keep putting off things at a more personal.. non professional level i.e. I don't know why but its just this way and I can bet .. u do that too.. don't u?. . ;)

I have examples say for instance.. I had decided 2 months back that I will wake up early and sleep early.. and well .. bang!.. 2 months into the promise.. its almost 4 AM.. talk about waking up early.. m not even sleeping .. :D

To make it worse.. tomorrow is Saturday.. :D but at times I feel all the fun aside.. I am lying to myself.. isn't it?.. I mean come to think of it.. I promise something to myself and I am not able to keep it.. what kind of person m i?..

A cobbler or shoe maker may be..

aah! you know.. "A promise breaker is a shoe maker".. don't tell me u haven't heard of this? .. how about "An apple a day keeps the doctor away".. oh FYI, I also promised myself that I'll start eating apples and go to the gym.. I am able to do one of em.. you know which one.. ;)

Ya! u guessed it right!.. apples.. :D

Anyways.. Did I just say.. I lie to myself?.. Damn!.. How can say such a thing! may be that was the insomniac thoughts.. I think I just invented that term.. cheers!

My mind is playing tricks on me.. I think its time to sleep..

Oh! and BTW.. "I am the best".. as if u care.. :D

Take care! and sorry about the post.. I know u feel like kicking me.. but its the way it was supposed to be.. I had to make sure.. I posted something tonight.. ANOTHER PROMISE I MADE TO MYSELF..

Come on.. I had to write that in uppercase .. please go through the post again if you don't get the point.. :D cuz I am going to do the same.. :P

Hmm.. still pointless baby!.. ya thats right.. life is pointless.. ok..

Dude!.. end this post. NOW..

God bless u people.. and good night!.. :D

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Busy life of an I(T) Professional


With reference to the title above, I think you read this absolutely right. I have been busy for a change for the past month now. Trying hard to read some book or write an entry into my blog. But not able to do so. Also I'd like to link one of my older posts with this one which was about how free I was. So free that I could remember so many faces in the crowd. So keep reading on now as this post explains the exact opposite.

I think that will solve your query.


Hahahaha.. That is how I am used to mailing nowadays. A glimpse of how a job can change you.. :P

And people do not use emoticons and ..... (dots) in your mail. That'll make the receiver mad. Trust me.. :D :D

I cant believe how fast life changes, a few days back I was a free bird, Go anywhere be somewhere else No one cares and now I am bound by the very chains of the work I do... :P Its not like I don't get time, I do get the time but at that time I just prefer to sleep, something that I love to do... :)

But from today I have decided that I am going to spend more time on writing and reading. Reading because I haven't read in a while and writing because its the only place where I .... can ....... freely ..... :) place :) a smiley :P wherever.... I want.. :D :D :D

Ah! It feels so good to write(type) like that.. hehe.. And ya! earlier I was a bit skeptical about how the project life @infy will be and to be honest its great..

Keeps my mind occupied and my concentration has increased dramatically.. Now I can concentrate on the screen for hours and do nothing.. :D :D And guess what, in the past week I was @office 13 hours a day everyday.. felt like I was living there.. :P

But it still feels great!

I still think twice before sending a mail (Though I am getting better at it).. And I don't get the time to interact with my friends except for the weekends... I miss home so much that I cry sometimes.. :P ... I crave so much for some development work that it frustrates me and makes me wish I was somewhere else....

But it still feels great!

Ah! all is well here... I wish the same for u.. ;)

God Bless!.. Gotta rush to the office.. :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Be Happy.. :)

Hey people.. how is everyone.. long time no see huh.. ;)

Well here I am to write something new
It may be fun for some of you
For some it may be hard to chew
Depends on everyone's point of view
Doesn't matter if u r hindu,muslim,english or jew
By the end of the poem u won't have clue
That y do u feel so blue
Feel like kicking me with a shoe
Or a punch will do
Hehe don't worry we are almost through
the poem not the blog so not the time to bid adieu.. ;)

Haha.. sorry just made that up.. thought of writing a piece before I start.. neways moving on..

Oh n ya this is my first post on my sweetheart .. my new XPS.. :)

So this post is about happYness.. There is an I in happiness not a Y.. well there is no Y(Why) in happiness.. You don't need a reason to be happy.. do you?.. I mean come on.. half of us.. no wait.. 90% of us are frustrated with our lives .. Y?? Don't we have enough reasons to be happy?.. And why do we blame God all the time.. I got a mail today from my friend in that a man was hit by a rock and he asked God.. Y? and the next pic showed God stopping all rocks and saying "sorry I missed one small rock.. I hope it didn't hurt u?" .. I mean come to think of it .. In this such a beautiful and happy life.. we blame god for just a piece of trouble.. and call his creation miserable.. some say "God is inside us".. If it is that way then u have all the more reason not to say such stupid stuff.. :)

Several reasons to be unhappy about:
1. My boss isn't happy even though I work so hard
2.My salary is so less
3.I have to get up early in the morning
4.I am away from home in this good for nothing organization
5.How come that guy has a girlfriend :D
6.I need a girlfriend :D :D :D
And some more reasons related to girls, your corporate life, personal life etc etc

Whoever you are and where ever you are.. if u are reading this then I'll suggest u to be happy and smile as much as you can and life will become much more easier than u take it. Just believe in yourself my friend.. "One failure is an experience and an experience is another step to success".. well I just made that up.. Sounds good na?.. :D

So Stay happy always.. God Bless!!!

P.S : I am also the kind of person who criticizes life @ the worst of times.. but there is always room for a change and I am going to do that.. will you?.. Ah! well..then its time for you to think again.. :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A day of my life

Ok.. I've tortured u enough with my outrageously borrrrring posts about the new corporate life in pune and about how it has changed.. N blah blah.. So lets just go a little off topic.. Lets just concentrate on my life.. Hehehe.. No seriously I am telling u.. Today I am in a mood to take u thru a day of my life.. So if u have nothing to do.. Please read on..its pretty interesting ;-)

Oh ya.. Its damn interesting.. Its impeccable.. Its what everyone dreams of doing.. Its....... Ah who m I kidding.. Its absurd.. But u have made it this far.. Please go a little further and read on.. You may laugh a little or scratch ur head in confusion as to y did I start reading in the first place or or ... You may murder someone.. So its all upto u.. You see in a way it tests ur patience.. Doesn't it??.. I mean patience is such an interesting phenomenon.. Hmm.. No I am not going to xplain it right now but in the future posts.. May be.. :-P anyhow... Here goes my schedule.. Patience written all over it..
P.S mind you I had no project for the past 30 days..
Night before... In my head **tomm i'll wake up at 6, do some yoga n have tea**

6:00 am: first alarm... Snooooooooz
7:00 am : third alarm.. Snooooooooz
7:15 am: fourth or may be fifth alarm... Snoooooooz
7:40 am: lost up... Yeah.. Eyes are still closed but m standing...
8:10 am: am ready, no yoga.. No tea.. Lets go..
8:30 am: tum tum time... (Tum tum is a bigger than an auto nd can carry 10 ppl.. 20 per person.. 200 bucks.. Nice side business for an infoscion.. Isn't it?.. ;-))
9 am: breakfast.... 9:15 am swipe in..
9:20 am: scratching my head.. What to do now??.. Search for a pc.. Sure..
9:20 -9:30 .. Walking.. N thinking with my head down..
9:30 am finally there.. @pc.. Checking mails.. Sleeping wid eyes open.. Chatting.. Java.. Novel..Some of it..even the novel starts screaming for mercy after some time.. Again mails.. Public folder.. Mail.. Sleep eyes open.. Thinking.. Thinking.. Looking at the watch.. Damn... Still 11 am... :-D
11:00 am damn! .. What should I do now.. Mmm.. May be go shopping in the food bazaar(a shopping place within infy.. ;-))
11:15 am nah.. Waste of money.. Nothing needed.. How abt some music.. Plug n play.. Next Aaaaaahhhhh.. Wat m I doing wid my life.. Ok calm down..
11:30 am go back to 930 am step n continue till its 1230 ...
12:30 pm.. Ok off to food court 2
1:00 pm.. Checking each n every menu infinite times and finally sticking to the item I had the day before.. :-P
1:30 pm.. Done with food.. Now time for something sweet.. Ok.. Ice cream will do.. And the vendor says after I give him rs 20 for 15 rs ice cream.. "Sir! 5 rs kal adjust kar lenge"..even he expects me to come the next day :-D .. Ah! Its still 1:45.. Need to waste more time.. Eat.. Ohk.. Its 2:30.. Lets go.. Search for a pc.. :-D
Back to step.... 9:30 am..

This is how I pass my day @ infy & now I believe things are going to change.. Yes I have a project now.. So good bye boring days..(hopefully..hehe).. Its pretty interesting isn't it..

"When we have no work we scream for some and when we have work we scream for no work"..

we r pretty strange creatures..aren't we?.. :-P

God bless!.. :-)
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Monday, April 18, 2011

A new life @ Pune part 2

People m back with my follow up to new life @ pune.. So howz it goin fellas??.. Oh who m I kiddin.. No one reads my blog.. :-( anyway I am in a mood to write.. So wat the hell.. :-D m actually havin a nice time in pune.. Started below par but with some patience and little less frustration the tide finally turned.. I think(thinking is such a waste of time) m getting used to this independent life.. And ofcourse the professional life.. I mean come on.. I have been on bench(not the ones u find in ur classrooms, it industry slang.. :-P) for the past 45 days, so I have learnt to waste time by eating,drinking(yeah u read it right..hehehe) and staring at different people.. (Oh come on u freak..:@..get a life)
Aaahhh.. Its getting from bad to worse.. Need to improve the post.. So, where was I .. Ya the new life.. Yaar! Honestly I dnt have words to tell u how awesome(did I say awesome??..keep reading) it feels to live alone.. I mean u can sleep whenever u want, wake up whenever u want.. Keep urself dirtyy.. Or tidy.. Its all upto u.. Of course there is a downside as well.. The other part where u feel lonely at lonely that u start crying ur heart out.. You scream inside yourself that u want to go home to the place where there is peace and there r no worries.. A place where u get so much love that u feel overburdened wid it and think about moving out.. Well pal! I got something for u.. Its time to think again.. :-)

God bless u all.. If u reading this.. Hehehe.. I mean.. God bless everyone.. :-)
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A new life @ pune...

So its final now.. M staying in pune for the next one year.. Minimum.. :-P.. Oh! M gonna miss the amazing life of chandigarh.. But as they say there comes a time when u have to get out of your comfort zone n face life head on... So thats what m going to do.. For instance I cleaned up my house all by myself.. Damn! It feels good.. But I have my back screaming for mercy.. Time for some.. "ah se aha tak".. ;-)
That'll fix up by back.. Coming back to the new and "independent" life.. Well if someone asks me how r finding this new life in the new city.. I'd say it ain't easy mate.. Doing everything all by yourself.. So if u r going to start a new life.. A professional one at that.. Then u better buckle up.. And face the music.. (Listening to "21 guns" by greenday..) ..
So where was I .. Oh ya.. The new life.. So it goes something like this.. It used to be like a 20 min bike ride from my home to college now its a 40 min backbreaking "tum tum" ride to infy.. It used to be home "eat what you want
" food everyday n now its "eat what you get" food and many other things that I need to save for my coming posts :-P
I think I have scared you enuf.. Time for some fun.. Ok! Now what should I write to make u laugh..or get back your interest.. Wait.. I think I am losing u.. I think I need to "get idea".. ;-) .. Ah! I think I saw a smile on your face.. Even though the joke was poor.. Oh! One last thing its almost one o clock ist n m in my empty apartment.. Thinking about how life has changed.. Hahahaha.. Bazinga!.. If u dont get the joke read my last post.. :-D
God bless n sweet dreams.. :-)
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The new phase of life

Hey everyone! I am back... *cheers* *cheers*.. LoL .. I know its annoying but its been 6 loooooooooong months.. 6 long months of hard work, mental torture mixed with a little pinch of fun.. I cleared the "infosys training"..
6 months back I thought that my professional life is about to begin.. But I was sooo wrong.. Infosys training made me study more than 4 years of engineering combined.. And now finally after the training I got posted to pune.. Now can I say its the beginning of a new life..
Of course! Its 2 am and m wide awake thinking about how life has changed.. From being surrounded by friends all the time to lying awake in an empty apartment.. I think the corporate life has started.. Whoa!.. I should stop right there.. M still thinking.. Sticking to the way I am .. All this typing on the phone and thinking about how life has changed (a very common topic) has made me sleeeeeepyyyy.. I thdnk we shjld slkkp naw .. I mean I .. Wait! Let me judt weite tjis srtrnce which is ptetty long.. Oh
Stop it!!
Good night everyone.. We'll continue this when I am awake again.. But the good and bad thing is m back.. :-)
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