Sunday, March 27, 2011

A new life @ pune...

So its final now.. M staying in pune for the next one year.. Minimum.. :-P.. Oh! M gonna miss the amazing life of chandigarh.. But as they say there comes a time when u have to get out of your comfort zone n face life head on... So thats what m going to do.. For instance I cleaned up my house all by myself.. Damn! It feels good.. But I have my back screaming for mercy.. Time for some.. "ah se aha tak".. ;-)
That'll fix up by back.. Coming back to the new and "independent" life.. Well if someone asks me how r finding this new life in the new city.. I'd say it ain't easy mate.. Doing everything all by yourself.. So if u r going to start a new life.. A professional one at that.. Then u better buckle up.. And face the music.. (Listening to "21 guns" by greenday..) ..
So where was I .. Oh ya.. The new life.. So it goes something like this.. It used to be like a 20 min bike ride from my home to college now its a 40 min backbreaking "tum tum" ride to infy.. It used to be home "eat what you want
" food everyday n now its "eat what you get" food and many other things that I need to save for my coming posts :-P
I think I have scared you enuf.. Time for some fun.. Ok! Now what should I write to make u laugh..or get back your interest.. Wait.. I think I am losing u.. I think I need to "get idea".. ;-) .. Ah! I think I saw a smile on your face.. Even though the joke was poor.. Oh! One last thing its almost one o clock ist n m in my empty apartment.. Thinking about how life has changed.. Hahahaha.. Bazinga!.. If u dont get the joke read my last post.. :-D
God bless n sweet dreams.. :-)
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