Saturday, March 5, 2011

The new phase of life

Hey everyone! I am back... *cheers* *cheers*.. LoL .. I know its annoying but its been 6 loooooooooong months.. 6 long months of hard work, mental torture mixed with a little pinch of fun.. I cleared the "infosys training"..
6 months back I thought that my professional life is about to begin.. But I was sooo wrong.. Infosys training made me study more than 4 years of engineering combined.. And now finally after the training I got posted to pune.. Now can I say its the beginning of a new life..
Of course! Its 2 am and m wide awake thinking about how life has changed.. From being surrounded by friends all the time to lying awake in an empty apartment.. I think the corporate life has started.. Whoa!.. I should stop right there.. M still thinking.. Sticking to the way I am .. All this typing on the phone and thinking about how life has changed (a very common topic) has made me sleeeeeepyyyy.. I thdnk we shjld slkkp naw .. I mean I .. Wait! Let me judt weite tjis srtrnce which is ptetty long.. Oh
Stop it!!
Good night everyone.. We'll continue this when I am awake again.. But the good and bad thing is m back.. :-)
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Arpit Rastogi said...

Infy training chak di veere.. :)

Liked the sleepy end of your post.. :P

yar.. 2am is just the right time to pen down your real self.. :)

& Android Rocks! :D *Blogger-Droid* Nice pick!

Seththewhizkid said...

Hehe thanks rasto.. I knew u'd comment.. Neway i'll c u soon meri jaan.. Cmg to chd this tuesday.. :-)