Monday, April 18, 2011

A new life @ Pune part 2

People m back with my follow up to new life @ pune.. So howz it goin fellas??.. Oh who m I kiddin.. No one reads my blog.. :-( anyway I am in a mood to write.. So wat the hell.. :-D m actually havin a nice time in pune.. Started below par but with some patience and little less frustration the tide finally turned.. I think(thinking is such a waste of time) m getting used to this independent life.. And ofcourse the professional life.. I mean come on.. I have been on bench(not the ones u find in ur classrooms, it industry slang.. :-P) for the past 45 days, so I have learnt to waste time by eating,drinking(yeah u read it right..hehehe) and staring at different people.. (Oh come on u freak..:@..get a life)
Aaahhh.. Its getting from bad to worse.. Need to improve the post.. So, where was I .. Ya the new life.. Yaar! Honestly I dnt have words to tell u how awesome(did I say awesome??..keep reading) it feels to live alone.. I mean u can sleep whenever u want, wake up whenever u want.. Keep urself dirtyy.. Or tidy.. Its all upto u.. Of course there is a downside as well.. The other part where u feel lonely at lonely that u start crying ur heart out.. You scream inside yourself that u want to go home to the place where there is peace and there r no worries.. A place where u get so much love that u feel overburdened wid it and think about moving out.. Well pal! I got something for u.. Its time to think again.. :-)

God bless u all.. If u reading this.. Hehehe.. I mean.. God bless everyone.. :-)
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Arpit Rastogi said...

Kitty yar..
Tu sali bus likha kar.. Padhne ke liye me hun na.. bahut hai jaan..

I really love the way you write..
So simple yet amazing..

sach me jaan.. collz wale din to yaad aate hi hain.. :|
*Bade chaite aunde ne yaar anmulle, hawa de bulle*

Love you bitch!
Dhyan rakh apna.. :)

Shivani said...

Very nice!!! Home is home afterall i agree!!! :(:(

Seththewhizkid said...

@rasto.. I will keep writing bro.. I know u'll read.. :-) and man.. College days were so amazing.. Ek baar fir se jeene ka dil karta hai..
Love u n miss u yaar..
@shivani yeah home is the best place in this world.. N i'll cherish that part of life the most.. Home to live n college to study n have fun.. :-)