Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Be Happy.. :)

Hey people.. how is everyone.. long time no see huh.. ;)

Well here I am to write something new
It may be fun for some of you
For some it may be hard to chew
Depends on everyone's point of view
Doesn't matter if u r hindu,muslim,english or jew
By the end of the poem u won't have clue
That y do u feel so blue
Feel like kicking me with a shoe
Or a punch will do
Hehe don't worry we are almost through
the poem not the blog so not the time to bid adieu.. ;)

Haha.. sorry just made that up.. thought of writing a piece before I start.. neways moving on..

Oh n ya this is my first post on my sweetheart .. my new XPS.. :)

So this post is about happYness.. There is an I in happiness not a Y.. well there is no Y(Why) in happiness.. You don't need a reason to be happy.. do you?.. I mean come on.. half of us.. no wait.. 90% of us are frustrated with our lives .. Y?? Don't we have enough reasons to be happy?.. And why do we blame God all the time.. I got a mail today from my friend in that a man was hit by a rock and he asked God.. Y? and the next pic showed God stopping all rocks and saying "sorry I missed one small rock.. I hope it didn't hurt u?" .. I mean come to think of it .. In this such a beautiful and happy life.. we blame god for just a piece of trouble.. and call his creation miserable.. some say "God is inside us".. If it is that way then u have all the more reason not to say such stupid stuff.. :)

Several reasons to be unhappy about:
1. My boss isn't happy even though I work so hard
2.My salary is so less
3.I have to get up early in the morning
4.I am away from home in this good for nothing organization
5.How come that guy has a girlfriend :D
6.I need a girlfriend :D :D :D
And some more reasons related to girls, your corporate life, personal life etc etc

Whoever you are and where ever you are.. if u are reading this then I'll suggest u to be happy and smile as much as you can and life will become much more easier than u take it. Just believe in yourself my friend.. "One failure is an experience and an experience is another step to success".. well I just made that up.. Sounds good na?.. :D

So Stay happy always.. God Bless!!!

P.S : I am also the kind of person who criticizes life @ the worst of times.. but there is always room for a change and I am going to do that.. will you?.. Ah! well..then its time for you to think again.. :)


Arpit Rastogi said...

Fuck you yar.. :P

Job ne le rakhi hai.. :X

But if you say, i ll think over it again.. :D

ha ha ha.

BTW, nice poem.. BC, kuch bhi likhta hai.. mast hai.. :)

Amitej Kalra said...

hahaha.... nice... liked it... :).. especially the senseless poem... :P

priyanka said... the post.... :) :) :)