Thursday, June 30, 2011

Busy life of an I(T) Professional


With reference to the title above, I think you read this absolutely right. I have been busy for a change for the past month now. Trying hard to read some book or write an entry into my blog. But not able to do so. Also I'd like to link one of my older posts with this one which was about how free I was. So free that I could remember so many faces in the crowd. So keep reading on now as this post explains the exact opposite.

I think that will solve your query.


Hahahaha.. That is how I am used to mailing nowadays. A glimpse of how a job can change you.. :P

And people do not use emoticons and ..... (dots) in your mail. That'll make the receiver mad. Trust me.. :D :D

I cant believe how fast life changes, a few days back I was a free bird, Go anywhere be somewhere else No one cares and now I am bound by the very chains of the work I do... :P Its not like I don't get time, I do get the time but at that time I just prefer to sleep, something that I love to do... :)

But from today I have decided that I am going to spend more time on writing and reading. Reading because I haven't read in a while and writing because its the only place where I .... can ....... freely ..... :) place :) a smiley :P wherever.... I want.. :D :D :D

Ah! It feels so good to write(type) like that.. hehe.. And ya! earlier I was a bit skeptical about how the project life @infy will be and to be honest its great..

Keeps my mind occupied and my concentration has increased dramatically.. Now I can concentrate on the screen for hours and do nothing.. :D :D And guess what, in the past week I was @office 13 hours a day everyday.. felt like I was living there.. :P

But it still feels great!

I still think twice before sending a mail (Though I am getting better at it).. And I don't get the time to interact with my friends except for the weekends... I miss home so much that I cry sometimes.. :P ... I crave so much for some development work that it frustrates me and makes me wish I was somewhere else....

But it still feels great!

Ah! all is well here... I wish the same for u.. ;)

God Bless!.. Gotta rush to the office.. :)


Arpit Rastogi said...

ha ha.
sahi hai jaan finally you are busy now.. :)

hope to see you soon. :)

Rishika Sharma said...

exactly what i do :P
play with smileys 8-) :D

Seththewhizkid said...

@rasto.. ya busy busy.. but ab missing the bench days.. :( :P
@rishika.. hehe.. even I love to play with smileys.. :D but can't do it in the ofc.. :( :P neways thanks for commenting.. :)