Monday, November 7, 2011


So.. how is everyone doing.. I know u missed me.. ;) I missed you too.. :D Hehe.. enought said.. Lately I have been pretty much occupied with .. sleep, work and more sleep and ofcourse studying.. Studying.. :O yeah! you read it right mate.. but studying what?.. oh you know the usual.. google news n all.. :D Anyways.. Today is a great day.. a wonderful day... cause today is the day I begin my journey to become an entrepreneur (oh cool! I typed the word correctly.. a good omen I presume.. ;) .. yeah! been reading the alchemist.. ) Must say that book blew my mind somewhat, made me believe that we should never stop pursuing our dream no matter what, and its not just the book that made me realize my destiny, my dream....

Lets turn back the clock to 6th october... around 6 AM.. going to chandigarh from Gurgaon with my brother for his wedding.. in came a message .. that steve jobs is no more.. And I was like.. shocked for a few seconds.. man! The "i" in inspiration had died.. The "i" in innovation had died..
There are very few people in the world that I adore or rather idolize and mr. jobs was one of them. That moment I decided that I had enough of lazing around.. and its time to do what I really dream of doing. I want India to rule the software industry .. why? because India deserves it.. Indian brain is behind almost everything that is spectacular in this world.

All I needed was a spark to ignite the flame.. You have the same in you.. Ask yourself what you really want to do in life? Do you want to follow the crowd or you want to do something that your heart desires and make your own path to your destiny.

Its true.. we are all here in this world and born with a purpose.. a goal.. I know what my purpose in life is and I am going to achieve it no matter what. I know how hard it is.. I know I'll fail countless number of times and my heart will tell me to play it safe but I have to carry on.. cause this is how it is supposed to be ( that book really did do a lot.. :D)

So to sum it up.. Guys! Its a request.. life is tooooooo short .. don't think that you will achieve your dream in later stage of your life.. no! this is the time to do it.. So go ahead.. Believe in destiny and follow your heart.. Mr. Jobs did it.. he lived less but made every second count.. :) Thats the impact you have to put on this planet. ("We are here to make a dent in the universe" -steve jobs.. ;))

Man! I am so pumped up.. hope i don't lose the tempo.. :)
So all the best .. and make every second of your life count..

P.S : If you are not happy with the above post then please read the alchemist by Paulo Coelho and you'll know what I mean.. and ofcourse the word "Maktub".
A special mention to Sir Dennis Ritchie who also died this past month .. the creator of C language.. An inspiration to many and the reason I am able to type all this on this perfect interface.. May his soul rest in peace..