Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year in Review

Another year is over.. The earth survived 2012.. Wish it hadn't!.. Why? Because eventually we the people will destroy it ourselves. More on that later. I am not sure how should I proceed with this post. I mean with the recent events happening in "my" country, I am not able to access the early part of 2012 in my memory palace (Courtesy: Patrick Jane), Is it the beginning of the end of humanity, So I twist my nerves a little to analyze these events and soon  I begin to wonder.. who am I?

Am I a human? A citizen? An Indian? A Punjabi? A male?.. There are just too many titles for me. I am confused. Humanity is like a super class and then comes a citizen of a country, then which state I belong to, then the city & then they ask my sex. There are just too many questions, I am not saying there should not be any questions. But it has to stop at some point. This Discrimination!!!!.   

I see people showing their angst at the recent events with media giving the full support. The government putting its foot down and showing em whose boss and all hell is breaking lose. Well, to be honest whatever is happening may be for the good of mankind, but what about the issues that are happening behind closed doors and not coming out. And those issues that did come out (Remember Satyamev Jayate?, Let me guess .. Its long forgotten, Isn't it?). The mercy killing in the remote areas of Haryana, the rapes in the villages of Punjab. They are yet to be given the media attention.  A new born child is beaten up and brought to the brink of the death minutes after "she" enters the "beautiful" world. A 3 year old is raped and "a case is registered". This case registered thing is more like "Would you like to report the error to microsoft?"...  It will not make a difference. Not anymore. With the exploding population its difficult to keep track of all these cases. Is it time to bend the rules for once?

The problem is not just the government. Its Us as well! Yes, we all love to break the rules. Don't we? I mean from the smallest crime of breaking a traffic rule to taking a life, its all about breaking the rules. Change yourself and the whole world shall follow.
Can this thing be Stopped? You think? I don't think so, its something unavoidable. Can you control freewill? Can you control frustration? Can you control your anger? Can you stop someone from getting drunk? Ask yourself? Even a firm law cannot prevent it. 

But it can atleast slow it down... Have you ever wondered why the saddam hussain killing was televised? It was a means to spread fear in the hearts of all those who believe they are above the law. Why the outlaws in the early 20th century hanged in full public view? Same reason. Why not try these barbaric means to spread the fear. And this goes to everyone, from the PM of the country to the poorest man alive. Make the punishments of some crimes as deaths. Enough with the bail pleas and mercy petitions. Time to act!

Oh well.. The solution to this problem can be very simple..Increase the security, Spread the fear and teach the coming generation some manners and etiquettes (Yes, I am talking about parents spoiling their children by teaching them that they can do anything they want (Remember Jessica Lal case)).. but it has been made complicated by the very laws and leaders created and chosen by us. So I wonder if its upto us to take care of ourselves..??

 Yes! We have to take care of ourselves at the end of the day, I know how much we all love to party at night.. but as far as "our" country is concerned where alcohol is cheaper than petrol, Please avoid going out at night as much as you can atleast until some strict laws & security is implemented in this country, & this goes for both guys n girls because if there is a chance that a woman can be raped, there is an equal chance that the guys around her can be killed( Remember the Mumbai incident? ).

Well it was supposed to be an year in review, but the end of the year made us forget everything good that happened with the country.. For example The Olympic medals.. the biggest triumph of them all (Even that was overshadowed by the suspension of IOA).. Scams, Controversies are all we see on the idiot box nowadays..

As the saying goes "The darkest hour is always before dawn". Time for Mr. Bruce wayne to become a reality, A masked vigilante who knows no laws just right & wrong and beats the bad guys to a pulp. Not a bad idea.. will need one for every city in this country in that case.. cause its not just about Delhi, its about the life of every girl & every person of this country..

And remember .. India is democracy "of the people" "by the people" "for the people"... BAZINGA!!

Happy New year people.. :)

P.S : I still love my country & It will improve.. :)

God Bless!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Imagine life without deadlines

Yesterday, I was wondering how our lives would be if there were no deadlines.. I mean, so many times I just want to sit back & relax.. you know not worry about the work's deadlines.. just cutoff  but Bang!.. you realize that all this thinking, you just lost an hour of that precious time & wait.. there is more.. there is a deadline.. so you have to cover up that 1 hour with some "extra effort".. And with that in mind, I reconfigure my thinking machine & go back to that place again where there are no deadlines..haha :D.. I turn to Mr. Farookh Balsara or "Freddie Mercury" as he is popularly known & listen to "I want to break free" .. Lyrics don't matter, I love the title.. :D and I imagine that place where I can just laze around and be at peace..

These thoughts in my head, they are just not rightly knit.. So I raise the volume of the song just to wake up & smell the reality, This life ain't about peace its about deadlines.. Yeah! no kiddin, even the word "deadline" has the word "dead" in it.. Even our life has a deadline.. I wonder if this word was created by a person whose phone wasn't working, you know the saying in India, phone is dead.. :P Sorry I know that was poor, the joke, not the person.. :D  Anyway.. deadline!, One frustrating word it is... Pay the bill by tomorrow, Do this work by tonight, Get married by December next year, Clean your room before tomorrow morning, Reach home before 5, See you at 6.. don't be late.. smiley face.. :D.. arghh! And you are done for the day & think Oh! these ultimatums & deadlines.. they are so irritating..

Lets take a break then... Lets see the other side of the coin.. This no deadline business is not that blissful.. I mean lets see how life will be without deadlines..

Since there is no deadline, you can get up late, be lazy, have all the time for your family & friends, can enjoy late night parties now, workaholic become become lazy.. your girlfriend/boyfriend leaves you since you are no longer good looking & don't reach on time.. your family thinks you are just wasting your don't get that extra cash you used to earn if you complete the project before the "deadline".. With all that fat & no exercise, you find it difficult to carry yourself around and wished you were  fit like you used to be.. with no pressure & deadlines you are in ruins..

Not a good it? Well its just a trailer & Its just hypothetical.. may be you can lead a better life with no deadlines.. In my opinion, You should live this fantasy of no deadlines & visit this place of peace for a day or two.. a short sojourn(We call them sundays.. :D) & get back to that tiring deadline life.. cause its probably for the best..

As a conclusion to this outrageously boring & imaginative post is that right now "Life is beautiful", with these deadlines you are much more active & your concentration is at an all time high (Yes! that because you are still reading this..:P).. With that in mind I go back to what I was doing and leave that deceptive place for a while & try to meet my deadline.. Remember "All that glitters is not gold" .. Enjoy your current life, its good enough! :)

God Bless!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Randomness, Read at your own risk!

Why is it so hard to write these days? Life used to be interesting and now it is like office 24X7. Saturday and Sunday used to be fun and now they are just like any other day. I miss that pune life, sleeping late waking up late. Not a care in the world about how the company is doing, where the money will come from. Nothing! And now not a day goes by I don't get the chills.. Where will I be in 2 years? Where the company will be? And as my mind keeps chugging these utterly useless thoughts, I wake up and start working.

Ok Ok! I shall stop cribbing..Take each day as it comes.. remember "the secret".. yes! thats what I say to myself.. Oh thank you Rhonda Byrne.. damn! When will the moment arrive? This time I have to wake up.. Concentrate.. pff! Breathe in Breathe out.. Are you following this? If not then you should.. helps clean your system they say.. Helps me relax I would say.. Anyways! Where was I? Oh yes! Nowhere. Damn!

Lets give it another shot, don't ruin this paragraph.. Say something substantial, something useful. The reader is not here to waste his/her time.. See! I am not male chauvinist (Did I use it correctly?.. I hope so.. I am bad at verbal).. The very thought of Verbal scares me.. What is with the fact that you have write the sentence with proper English Grammar and use impressive vocabulary to impress the reader? Isn't communication the main motive behind the language? Oh yes! Now I am saying something useful. haha!, So! where was I? Ya, Nowhere! Damn!

Alright this is the last time.. I should quite writing, its like I am writing in my diary.. the thoughts make no sense, writing whatever comes to mind. But do you see the point? This is every body's mind.. We are never satisfied. All we do is Crib.. Time to Act! Yes, I am saying this.. :P And its in every human's blood, even the gurus that are considered demigods, they crib too. I am sorry I wasted your precious time, Probably said it after my every post but what can I do? Life is boring these days!! I am like India TV.. No news still I have to show you something..

Wait! India TV.. seriously? hahaha.. Let me try the hash tag.. #getalife .. :D :D

Honestly! I want to go back to the time of my engineering, Life was so much fun, or school life will do.. With those heavy bags and covered notebooks. .... .. ..

......No wait! This life is fun too. All I have to do is find the fun part.. I'll start looking and what you can do is curse me for writing this nonsense. hehe.. Ok! I am just kidding I am fully aware and my senses are perfectly fine. Only my imagination has gone for a toss..  I wonder why? 

May be its the stress! 
Brain is in such a mess
I can still beat you in Chess
And even in fancy dress
I have something to confess
Take a wild guess
Ya! "Sending a file? don't forget to compress"
Control that anger you want to express
You want to hit me, I'll give you my address
So, get ready and do some bench press
Hehe! I was just trying to impress
Sorry for all this, God Bless!

A special mention: Congratulations to Team India, Six medals at the London Olympic Games.. :) Proud to be an Indian.. :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

The journey begins

I know its a little late.. but as the saying goes better late than ever..
So here I am writing about the new phase of my life that has just begun..

The Entrepreneur life..

Yes! finally I have started my own company intuzion technologies. I am Ankit Seth, Co-founder, Head Research and Development. I am more excited than ever. The past 2 months went by so quickly, I never realized. It was like **blink**.. and 23rd july.. :P :P

Seriously This entrepreneur thing is killing.. Its easier said than done.. I mean when you say it.. I want to be an entrepreneur, its pretty simple isn't it.. Try writing it 100 times.. tough na? :P

Similarly implementing it is also tough.. But nevermind I'll teach you.

1. 1 jobless person
2. Frustration (Mainly about your previous company. lol)
3. Urge to create something innovative
4. Passion
5. Will to make a change
6. Savings swaad anusar.. :D :D

Now to make an entrepreneur(Damn! this is the last time, am using copy-paste next time) Take the jobless person, talk to him and tell him how bad the corporate world is right now especially his last company. Add some anger and frustration. Now ask him to read the Alchemist and The Steve  jobs biography. Then make him remember his life long dream.. This will add passion and creativity to your "subject" (Ae mamu! Subject nai.. :@). Show him how India is still struggling to fight poverty,hunger, illiteracy.. Will to make the change has been added.. Make him watch Satya mev jayate, that will make it easier..

The product is almost ready.. Now add some savings .. lol.. wait! savings.. whats that? :P

Anyways your product is ready.. Enjoy it to the fullest..

I am ready to embark on this new journey.. I am full of hope and going forward with the right spirit.. I hope I don't lose the momentum.. Cheers!

God Bless!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Last Email ...

My last email from :

The day has finally come when I have to send this mail to my friends and say goodbye to Infosys.

The journey:

September 26th, 2010 - Feb 25th, 2011 (Mysore)

To be honest, I hated the place at first, the amount of studying we had to do and walk 2 kms daily, not the kind of lifestyle you expect from a college bloke, but with time I got used to it, made new friends, I started liking it in someways and when the time came to leave mysore I was sad and missing it.

The memories are flashing by as I type this.. my first skit performance ever, my hostel room, my Intermediate class, mainframes class, counter strike, the singing competitions/birthday celebration at Oasis, the paranthas of maitri, the long queues for movies, the compre (lol.. no! I want to forget that).. It was great! :)

February 26th, 2011 - May 25th, 2012 (Pune)

As they say history repeats itself and guess what? I hated Pune too and this time even more than I hated mysore, No project, the scorching heat, a new city and everyone busy with their projects. The transition from mysore to pune was difficult at first but then again with time I got a project, made some new friends and as time went on I started liking it a bit and when the time has come to leave Pune/Infosys I am sad and I am going to miss it.

I'll project team(I'll miss you guys the most.. :( ), the rains, the tum-tum(auto) rides, FC2, dal tadka-jeera rice (:D), the project/team parties, the PJ rounds, the place where I stayed (thank u owner), the parties at home.. there are just too many..

Oh well! Change is a part of life, I guess its time to end this mail with a Thank you to all my friends  including my team mates and my flatmates, my managers. A big thank you to all of you. Thank you for all the memories and for being a part of my life. Stay in touch! :)

Times change, people change

You celebrate happiness

You endure pain

Sometimes you lose

sometimes you gain

Life never stays the same

But the memories remain...

God Bless!!!

Thanks & Regards
Ankit Seth

Saturday, May 12, 2012


As I sit near the window, a cool breeze blowing outside.. Billions of thoughts cross my mind ... The scene is poetic but I choose not to write one this time, I cannot.. The burden of these thoughts is too much to bear, I really am not in a mood to write.. But i don't know why i am still typing...

My fingers hitting the keys and with every keystroke I am trying to put my heart out but it just isn't happening. All the happy thoughts are disappearing and memories of the amazing 1.5 years are flashing by. Its too hard to see them all, some of these memories are displeasing to say the least, some of them make my heart skip a beat.. some bring a smile to my face and some make my eyes moist. but they don't just go away they keep piling up.. I can hardly concentrate on the work I am supposed to do.. Even typing is becoming harder, I am plugged in but the song feels inaudible..

I hate change(yes! I said it..).. I have to leave this place behind and take the memories.. again.. I cannot stay back, I have a dream to fulfill.. but what if it doesn't get fulfilled, not all dreams get fulfilled.. Nah! not now.. Its like I am sitting with a fishing(read Thinking) rod and catching thoughts.. and putting em here..Only two weeks left, Time is slowing down as the D-day approaches, making the transition even harder.. It shouldn't be that hard.. but m afraid it is... 

I try to set my thought process straight, the more crooked it gets.. Come 26th May, everything will be fixed..
But the next two weeks are going to be difficult.. I don't how my silly little mind will react.. I don't know If I'll leave happily or in tears..
As Jeremy clarkson says: How hard can it be?.. Mr. Jeremy, I don't know.. 

This post as I see it.. remains Incomplete, Cause words are not enough, rather unavailable to describe what I feel right now.. 

Finally I caught a happy thought :P:
26th may.. the new life at chandigarh begins.. :) 
Journey of my dream begins.. 

God Bless!!! :)

P.S : I will miss my cubicle.. :P 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Don't Cry..

Sitting on my pillow.. lol.. As I listen to Don't cry by Guns n roses.. I begin to wonder.. what it could have been.. had somethings never happened.. No its not a philosophical post nor it is about my life, its about one of my passions.. Music.. I can't live without music and at times some thoughts cross my mind ( Thats a lie.. I am thinking 90% of the time.. most of the time.. Irrational stuff).. so I decided to blog about something that I love..

I cover three rock bands in this post.. and all of em are among my favorites but had there fates been a bit different.. History books would have told a different story..
boy! I get goosebumps when I think about that possibility...

1. The man/band who rocked the world in the late 80s/90s

Had Kurt Cobain lived, He would be God of Rock today.. when he was alive he was treated as one.. and today Nirvana would be numero uno with no competitors.. Come as you are is a masterpiece , The man who sold the world is a treat to ears, smells like teen spirit is energetic..they were like madmen head banging their way to the top..  but alas! .... somethings change the whole game and kurt's death ended one of the biggest names in Rock industry...
And look at the world now... Whats wrong with today's generation.. all they want is a stupid little kid.. saying baby baby infinite times making no sense whatsoever.. No offence! .. and there are others as well .. some lady goggles and rappers.. I hate that! :@
The era of Rock/Metal died with them... some good ones are still playin though.. but.. smells like teen spirit has no comparison to today's numbers.. :(

2. No Patience

The rift between Slash and Axl Rose ruined one of the biggest names in Rock/metal scene.  Guns n Roses could have created history together but no they chose to play alone and disappoint all their fans across the world.. November Rain is their best number on my list.. they made some mesmerizing music together... The world of illusion ended with Chinese democracy.. I wish I could hate you guys but the opening sequence of Sweet child o mine changes my mood every time.. I wish I could write more.. but I am so sad they ended without creating history..

3. Wish you were still playing

The Comfortably numb solo removes all my doubts about this not being my favorite band (Though I have more metallica songs in my player.. :P) .. Still I rank Pink Floyd as the number one on my list.. Led zeppelin produced some mind boggling music but these guys were in a class of their own.. Oh its a tough call.. :( But I still think.. had David gilmore and Roger Waters decided not to let their egos come in the way.. things would have been different.. Better or worse you can't say..
Honestly I think better... Because when they played the live 8 concert in london, people from all over the world watched as giants on stage created some excellent music... ah well! as they say alls well that ends well.. pink floyd is still considered one of the best bands on this planet together or apart they created history.. :)

That sums it up I guess, The song has changed.. And it is indeed Smells like teen spirit.. why m I playing this? The energy in the song keeps me awake at 3:00 AM in the morning.. Anyways.. do listen to them if you haven't .. There are many more on my list.. I'll listen to Coldplay now.. Trouble comes to mind.. Love that song.. :)

A different post after the constant disappointment of seeing philosophical and random stuff , Good for my active neurons and yours as well.. :D

Life is getting better so you'll get better stuff.. :)

God Bless!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Once upon a time...

Sorry been gone so long, was not busy this time.. But lazy.. too lazy to think of some lines to express, I mean seriously my mind, which has some neurons working(Einstein had many) were telling me not to overuse them as they might run out of power and then I'd have to sleep to recover them, so then I thought if sleep can recover them then why not try and make em stronger by sleeping more than thats required but you see when you keep filling a container with water and go beyond its capacity the water starts pouring out and drops to the ground, I think the same happened with the power of my neurons, you see the they got so charged up that they all got out and dropped on my pillow but I am not able to find them cause as I've said earlier I am lazy and my neurons were telling me not to overuse them so I kept sleeping and flooding them with more power and I was stuck in this infinite loop, So I decided to take the risk of getting up and put the power of my neurons in danger and face the consequences but to my surprise.. nothing happened.. the only thing that happened was that people now keep telling me that I talk too much.. and keep dragging the conversation and eventually I deviate from the topic, and I have gone completely mental but honestly, I don't feel.. I mean see I have been writing for so long and there hasn't been any sign of mental instability in my talk/expression. Isn't it?.. I mean I wrote the topic "Once upon a time".....

Oh wait..

I got the point I have been saying rubbish/nonsensical stuff .. and when I read it again, its totally absurd.. I don't know how you got through it, you should be awarded the noble patience prize(Thats a good one).. ya i mean you do deserve it..

Ok so getting back to the main topic.. "Once upon a time".. As you can guess its about the magical past we had, the school days, the summer vacations.. and everything, the scorching summer heat outside reminds of the same, It stings on my face and I feel really irritated with the sweat but 10 years ago, in the same summer heat I used to play cricket without a care in the world and the whole thing used to make me happy.. Life changes so fast I can't even imagine. A few words that might get you thinking of the beautiful past we had:

1. Chhupan Chhupai (Hide n seek, not the biscuits! :@)
2. Disney hour
3. Small Wonder
4. Holidays homework
5. The mesmerizing fragrance of the earth after the first rain...
... and the list goes on :)

But I see today young children glued to their TV sets/PSPs/iPhones (:O) .. times have changed.. they certainly have.. but we can still change that, smack these children on the back of their head and get em out of the house and ask them to play.. :D
On a serious note, do it the civilized way..  show em what its like to enjoy the wonderful world outside :) I'll do the same from now on :P

Argh! Life is so complicated now, Once upon a time it used to be so simple but thats what life is.. complicated yet so simple.. (no philosophy please.. not good for these last neurons)..

Complicated or simple, I love my life.. cause it has given me memories and moments that I have etched in my heart forever and I will alwaayssss cherish them.. Forever..

God Bless! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Time for a change?? :O

The line scares the shit out of me.. Why? Cause I say that a lot and never able to go through with it.. So its kind of irritating and annoying, but this time I am writing this on my blog as a proof and also to encourage me whenever I feel change is a bad thing.. :D

I have said this quite a lot, change is a good thing.. written a post or two on the same but I am a damn hypocrite, I promise myself to change every time but do I? do I?.. nah! never.. :@ I get angry a lot nowadays, did I mention that? And frustrated.. a lot.. Sorry Rastogi but I have been giving you tips and lessons on not to get angry and frustrated but I am going through the same patch, different reasons though but the same mood..

So I decided today, Its time for change.. had enough of anger and frustration over petty things and staying relaxed for most part of the day.. :) thats my motto now. But there is a glitch in this, a big loop hole, a roadblock.. who?... ME .. I never change, I stay the bloody same every time, This change lasts for upto 3 days, 4 to the max and then after that ... "Same old stuff".. What different should I do this time?

Alright! I think I have a plan... Lets start with the things that need to change:

1. Anger and frustration have to go, Sorry buds.. but you are ruining the "mood".
2. Fear my friend you have to go, Because of you I am just taking in too much mountain dew.
3. Laziness .. tsk tsk! Its still there, My oldest and worst enemy, we never see eye to eye cause if we do, boy! there will be hell to pay, But I guess its time a war took place, Lets see who wins.. Shall we?
4. Low confidence : Whoa! .. Sure? .. yeah.. 100% (said that quite confidently .. contradictory?) I am running low on confidence, need a refill.. lets make it 80% ... ok fine..
5. Over Enthusiastic : Lets tone it down a little.. Calm down.. mmmmmm.. make that 80% as well.. cool

Apply!... OK!

Warning! Lots of changes to be implemented, may need system restart , Press OK to restart now, Cancel to restart later...

Hmm.. what should I press?.. Hmmm.....


Some voice, I think from inside: Cut the crap man, don't do the same old system shit.. You are better than this.. lol ...

Me: I don't give a damn what you think.. I think I am right.. may be same old shit but its 100% true.. So get lost!


Waiting for your answer.. :P

God bless and thanks ;)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

India Today! And my life as well.. since this is my blog.. :P

Sorry for the long topic.. Please read on.. Further disappointment awaits.. :P

A quick update.. India lose again against Australia. Ah! Well I hope its not the news next week or the week after that.. :( OK! Lets cut to the chase whats going on in this world, I mean is it me? or nothing seems to be going right for India, except for the "sunny" weather :D

The rupee is falling(RBI is still positive), Politicos getting slapped for price rise..(A debatable topic).People dying of cold weather in the north (Same story every year), Indian Movies not entertaining people enough (Do you need examples?), India losing and wickets falling as soon as sachin is out (Are we back in the 90s?), The Beer baron losing some fizz(In case of airlines atleast.. I think all the pretty stewardess will be replaced by Pantry boys from trains.. :P), Anna still fighting for Lok(g)pal bill (I think you will read this statement for the next 10-20-God-knows-how many years), Kasab is still alive( Soon! A bollywood film by the name of "Immortal" will be made on him, making a mockery of Indian (ill)legal system), Girls still getting molested in North India(Read NCR.. I think its time to put a poster at the entrance of Gurgaon.. "EVE Teasing prevails") and Petrol prices are getting out of reach(Still remember the time when it was Rs.44/liter.. :( .. )

What else is in the news... Nothing! All stories are pretty depressing.. And m making my blog depressing too.. Thinking of doing something about it.. :)


I am going to change India.. but before that lets keep typing.. :P

Time for news from my life.. here goes :
1. Still struggling to find the right(left) girl.. :D
2. Had vodka on new year's eve.. cheers!
3. I am now a hookah expert(Read Self proclaimed ).. :P
4. Still hate my job.. Hail firangis.. :(
5. PHP coding.. I am loving it.. :)
6. Head aches at times.. :@
7. Almost damaged my xps's screen.. Thank god Its fine now.. :)
8. Travelling to chandigarh this week.. yipeeee..
9. Excited about CAT result (HAHAHA..)
10. Wondering if SRK and Salman khan are just kidding about not being friends.. :P

I am running out of topics/news/content/ to write for my blog.. so the content may sound cliched..
If you are new to my blog, I welcome you the dull,depressing,irksome,draggy life of Ankit Seth..
Oooops! system is overloaded again.. Shutting down..


Restarting all services

Loading failed

***Slap on the head***

Welcome back!..

Ankit Seth has recovered from a serious error.. Would you like to submit a report?

Then please comment.. :D

God bless!!!

P.S : Oh and btw.. I was just kidding, I love my life.. I have lots of content in my little and valuable (:D) head . thinking of writing poetry again.. :P or some story.. Honestly! Time is also not there.. First the job then lotssss of work at home.. :( you can understand right.. Hope you like this one..