Saturday, January 7, 2012

India Today! And my life as well.. since this is my blog.. :P

Sorry for the long topic.. Please read on.. Further disappointment awaits.. :P

A quick update.. India lose again against Australia. Ah! Well I hope its not the news next week or the week after that.. :( OK! Lets cut to the chase whats going on in this world, I mean is it me? or nothing seems to be going right for India, except for the "sunny" weather :D

The rupee is falling(RBI is still positive), Politicos getting slapped for price rise..(A debatable topic).People dying of cold weather in the north (Same story every year), Indian Movies not entertaining people enough (Do you need examples?), India losing and wickets falling as soon as sachin is out (Are we back in the 90s?), The Beer baron losing some fizz(In case of airlines atleast.. I think all the pretty stewardess will be replaced by Pantry boys from trains.. :P), Anna still fighting for Lok(g)pal bill (I think you will read this statement for the next 10-20-God-knows-how many years), Kasab is still alive( Soon! A bollywood film by the name of "Immortal" will be made on him, making a mockery of Indian (ill)legal system), Girls still getting molested in North India(Read NCR.. I think its time to put a poster at the entrance of Gurgaon.. "EVE Teasing prevails") and Petrol prices are getting out of reach(Still remember the time when it was Rs.44/liter.. :( .. )

What else is in the news... Nothing! All stories are pretty depressing.. And m making my blog depressing too.. Thinking of doing something about it.. :)


I am going to change India.. but before that lets keep typing.. :P

Time for news from my life.. here goes :
1. Still struggling to find the right(left) girl.. :D
2. Had vodka on new year's eve.. cheers!
3. I am now a hookah expert(Read Self proclaimed ).. :P
4. Still hate my job.. Hail firangis.. :(
5. PHP coding.. I am loving it.. :)
6. Head aches at times.. :@
7. Almost damaged my xps's screen.. Thank god Its fine now.. :)
8. Travelling to chandigarh this week.. yipeeee..
9. Excited about CAT result (HAHAHA..)
10. Wondering if SRK and Salman khan are just kidding about not being friends.. :P

I am running out of topics/news/content/ to write for my blog.. so the content may sound cliched..
If you are new to my blog, I welcome you the dull,depressing,irksome,draggy life of Ankit Seth..
Oooops! system is overloaded again.. Shutting down..


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***Slap on the head***

Welcome back!..

Ankit Seth has recovered from a serious error.. Would you like to submit a report?

Then please comment.. :D

God bless!!!

P.S : Oh and btw.. I was just kidding, I love my life.. I have lots of content in my little and valuable (:D) head . thinking of writing poetry again.. :P or some story.. Honestly! Time is also not there.. First the job then lotssss of work at home.. :( you can understand right.. Hope you like this one..


Arpit Rastogi said...

yo kitty..
it was great meeting you in DT.. & beere you ll find the right-left girls for you! :P
bloody tu humari fresher party ka hero tha!! :P

Error wala part was quite innovative! :)

happy life! :)

Amitej Kalra said...

randomness put together... very nice... :):).. at least you're writing something... :P...

Seththewhizkid said...

Thanks rasto.. but this hero has lost his sheen.. :( :D

Happy life and blogging to you too.. :)

@amitej.. you should do it too.. before you get old.. :D

Arpit Rastogi said...

Nahi beere.. You still are a shiny star like *Shiny Ahuja*.. :P

But sachi beere.. teri baaton me wo jaadu hai.. :)

Happy Life! :)

Seththewhizkid said...

Thank u rasto for the shiny comment, but i stay away from maids.. lol

and teri nazar mein jaado hai, thats y u r my kiran.. :D