Thursday, February 16, 2012

Time for a change?? :O

The line scares the shit out of me.. Why? Cause I say that a lot and never able to go through with it.. So its kind of irritating and annoying, but this time I am writing this on my blog as a proof and also to encourage me whenever I feel change is a bad thing.. :D

I have said this quite a lot, change is a good thing.. written a post or two on the same but I am a damn hypocrite, I promise myself to change every time but do I? do I?.. nah! never.. :@ I get angry a lot nowadays, did I mention that? And frustrated.. a lot.. Sorry Rastogi but I have been giving you tips and lessons on not to get angry and frustrated but I am going through the same patch, different reasons though but the same mood..

So I decided today, Its time for change.. had enough of anger and frustration over petty things and staying relaxed for most part of the day.. :) thats my motto now. But there is a glitch in this, a big loop hole, a roadblock.. who?... ME .. I never change, I stay the bloody same every time, This change lasts for upto 3 days, 4 to the max and then after that ... "Same old stuff".. What different should I do this time?

Alright! I think I have a plan... Lets start with the things that need to change:

1. Anger and frustration have to go, Sorry buds.. but you are ruining the "mood".
2. Fear my friend you have to go, Because of you I am just taking in too much mountain dew.
3. Laziness .. tsk tsk! Its still there, My oldest and worst enemy, we never see eye to eye cause if we do, boy! there will be hell to pay, But I guess its time a war took place, Lets see who wins.. Shall we?
4. Low confidence : Whoa! .. Sure? .. yeah.. 100% (said that quite confidently .. contradictory?) I am running low on confidence, need a refill.. lets make it 80% ... ok fine..
5. Over Enthusiastic : Lets tone it down a little.. Calm down.. mmmmmm.. make that 80% as well.. cool

Apply!... OK!

Warning! Lots of changes to be implemented, may need system restart , Press OK to restart now, Cancel to restart later...

Hmm.. what should I press?.. Hmmm.....


Some voice, I think from inside: Cut the crap man, don't do the same old system shit.. You are better than this.. lol ...

Me: I don't give a damn what you think.. I think I am right.. may be same old shit but its 100% true.. So get lost!


Waiting for your answer.. :P

God bless and thanks ;)