Saturday, April 21, 2012

Don't Cry..

Sitting on my pillow.. lol.. As I listen to Don't cry by Guns n roses.. I begin to wonder.. what it could have been.. had somethings never happened.. No its not a philosophical post nor it is about my life, its about one of my passions.. Music.. I can't live without music and at times some thoughts cross my mind ( Thats a lie.. I am thinking 90% of the time.. most of the time.. Irrational stuff).. so I decided to blog about something that I love..

I cover three rock bands in this post.. and all of em are among my favorites but had there fates been a bit different.. History books would have told a different story..
boy! I get goosebumps when I think about that possibility...

1. The man/band who rocked the world in the late 80s/90s

Had Kurt Cobain lived, He would be God of Rock today.. when he was alive he was treated as one.. and today Nirvana would be numero uno with no competitors.. Come as you are is a masterpiece , The man who sold the world is a treat to ears, smells like teen spirit is energetic..they were like madmen head banging their way to the top..  but alas! .... somethings change the whole game and kurt's death ended one of the biggest names in Rock industry...
And look at the world now... Whats wrong with today's generation.. all they want is a stupid little kid.. saying baby baby infinite times making no sense whatsoever.. No offence! .. and there are others as well .. some lady goggles and rappers.. I hate that! :@
The era of Rock/Metal died with them... some good ones are still playin though.. but.. smells like teen spirit has no comparison to today's numbers.. :(

2. No Patience

The rift between Slash and Axl Rose ruined one of the biggest names in Rock/metal scene.  Guns n Roses could have created history together but no they chose to play alone and disappoint all their fans across the world.. November Rain is their best number on my list.. they made some mesmerizing music together... The world of illusion ended with Chinese democracy.. I wish I could hate you guys but the opening sequence of Sweet child o mine changes my mood every time.. I wish I could write more.. but I am so sad they ended without creating history..

3. Wish you were still playing

The Comfortably numb solo removes all my doubts about this not being my favorite band (Though I have more metallica songs in my player.. :P) .. Still I rank Pink Floyd as the number one on my list.. Led zeppelin produced some mind boggling music but these guys were in a class of their own.. Oh its a tough call.. :( But I still think.. had David gilmore and Roger Waters decided not to let their egos come in the way.. things would have been different.. Better or worse you can't say..
Honestly I think better... Because when they played the live 8 concert in london, people from all over the world watched as giants on stage created some excellent music... ah well! as they say alls well that ends well.. pink floyd is still considered one of the best bands on this planet together or apart they created history.. :)

That sums it up I guess, The song has changed.. And it is indeed Smells like teen spirit.. why m I playing this? The energy in the song keeps me awake at 3:00 AM in the morning.. Anyways.. do listen to them if you haven't .. There are many more on my list.. I'll listen to Coldplay now.. Trouble comes to mind.. Love that song.. :)

A different post after the constant disappointment of seeing philosophical and random stuff , Good for my active neurons and yours as well.. :D

Life is getting better so you'll get better stuff.. :)

God Bless!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Once upon a time...

Sorry been gone so long, was not busy this time.. But lazy.. too lazy to think of some lines to express, I mean seriously my mind, which has some neurons working(Einstein had many) were telling me not to overuse them as they might run out of power and then I'd have to sleep to recover them, so then I thought if sleep can recover them then why not try and make em stronger by sleeping more than thats required but you see when you keep filling a container with water and go beyond its capacity the water starts pouring out and drops to the ground, I think the same happened with the power of my neurons, you see the they got so charged up that they all got out and dropped on my pillow but I am not able to find them cause as I've said earlier I am lazy and my neurons were telling me not to overuse them so I kept sleeping and flooding them with more power and I was stuck in this infinite loop, So I decided to take the risk of getting up and put the power of my neurons in danger and face the consequences but to my surprise.. nothing happened.. the only thing that happened was that people now keep telling me that I talk too much.. and keep dragging the conversation and eventually I deviate from the topic, and I have gone completely mental but honestly, I don't feel.. I mean see I have been writing for so long and there hasn't been any sign of mental instability in my talk/expression. Isn't it?.. I mean I wrote the topic "Once upon a time".....

Oh wait..

I got the point I have been saying rubbish/nonsensical stuff .. and when I read it again, its totally absurd.. I don't know how you got through it, you should be awarded the noble patience prize(Thats a good one).. ya i mean you do deserve it..

Ok so getting back to the main topic.. "Once upon a time".. As you can guess its about the magical past we had, the school days, the summer vacations.. and everything, the scorching summer heat outside reminds of the same, It stings on my face and I feel really irritated with the sweat but 10 years ago, in the same summer heat I used to play cricket without a care in the world and the whole thing used to make me happy.. Life changes so fast I can't even imagine. A few words that might get you thinking of the beautiful past we had:

1. Chhupan Chhupai (Hide n seek, not the biscuits! :@)
2. Disney hour
3. Small Wonder
4. Holidays homework
5. The mesmerizing fragrance of the earth after the first rain...
... and the list goes on :)

But I see today young children glued to their TV sets/PSPs/iPhones (:O) .. times have changed.. they certainly have.. but we can still change that, smack these children on the back of their head and get em out of the house and ask them to play.. :D
On a serious note, do it the civilized way..  show em what its like to enjoy the wonderful world outside :) I'll do the same from now on :P

Argh! Life is so complicated now, Once upon a time it used to be so simple but thats what life is.. complicated yet so simple.. (no philosophy please.. not good for these last neurons)..

Complicated or simple, I love my life.. cause it has given me memories and moments that I have etched in my heart forever and I will alwaayssss cherish them.. Forever..

God Bless!