Saturday, May 12, 2012


As I sit near the window, a cool breeze blowing outside.. Billions of thoughts cross my mind ... The scene is poetic but I choose not to write one this time, I cannot.. The burden of these thoughts is too much to bear, I really am not in a mood to write.. But i don't know why i am still typing...

My fingers hitting the keys and with every keystroke I am trying to put my heart out but it just isn't happening. All the happy thoughts are disappearing and memories of the amazing 1.5 years are flashing by. Its too hard to see them all, some of these memories are displeasing to say the least, some of them make my heart skip a beat.. some bring a smile to my face and some make my eyes moist. but they don't just go away they keep piling up.. I can hardly concentrate on the work I am supposed to do.. Even typing is becoming harder, I am plugged in but the song feels inaudible..

I hate change(yes! I said it..).. I have to leave this place behind and take the memories.. again.. I cannot stay back, I have a dream to fulfill.. but what if it doesn't get fulfilled, not all dreams get fulfilled.. Nah! not now.. Its like I am sitting with a fishing(read Thinking) rod and catching thoughts.. and putting em here..Only two weeks left, Time is slowing down as the D-day approaches, making the transition even harder.. It shouldn't be that hard.. but m afraid it is... 

I try to set my thought process straight, the more crooked it gets.. Come 26th May, everything will be fixed..
But the next two weeks are going to be difficult.. I don't how my silly little mind will react.. I don't know If I'll leave happily or in tears..
As Jeremy clarkson says: How hard can it be?.. Mr. Jeremy, I don't know.. 

This post as I see it.. remains Incomplete, Cause words are not enough, rather unavailable to describe what I feel right now.. 

Finally I caught a happy thought :P:
26th may.. the new life at chandigarh begins.. :) 
Journey of my dream begins.. 

God Bless!!! :)

P.S : I will miss my cubicle.. :P 


Arpit Rastogi said...

We all have an idea of this feeling to leave everything & move to some other life and responsibilities..
par jo situation me hota hai wohi asli feel kar sakta hai..

kuch ni hota janeman.. i know it ll be hard.. but you ll come strong out of it.. :)
Lots of love! :)

Seththewhizkid said...

yes rasto I hope the same.. :(
See u soon :)

Mitali Cyrus said...
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