Monday, July 23, 2012

The journey begins

I know its a little late.. but as the saying goes better late than ever..
So here I am writing about the new phase of my life that has just begun..

The Entrepreneur life..

Yes! finally I have started my own company intuzion technologies. I am Ankit Seth, Co-founder, Head Research and Development. I am more excited than ever. The past 2 months went by so quickly, I never realized. It was like **blink**.. and 23rd july.. :P :P

Seriously This entrepreneur thing is killing.. Its easier said than done.. I mean when you say it.. I want to be an entrepreneur, its pretty simple isn't it.. Try writing it 100 times.. tough na? :P

Similarly implementing it is also tough.. But nevermind I'll teach you.

1. 1 jobless person
2. Frustration (Mainly about your previous company. lol)
3. Urge to create something innovative
4. Passion
5. Will to make a change
6. Savings swaad anusar.. :D :D

Now to make an entrepreneur(Damn! this is the last time, am using copy-paste next time) Take the jobless person, talk to him and tell him how bad the corporate world is right now especially his last company. Add some anger and frustration. Now ask him to read the Alchemist and The Steve  jobs biography. Then make him remember his life long dream.. This will add passion and creativity to your "subject" (Ae mamu! Subject nai.. :@). Show him how India is still struggling to fight poverty,hunger, illiteracy.. Will to make the change has been added.. Make him watch Satya mev jayate, that will make it easier..

The product is almost ready.. Now add some savings .. lol.. wait! savings.. whats that? :P

Anyways your product is ready.. Enjoy it to the fullest..

I am ready to embark on this new journey.. I am full of hope and going forward with the right spirit.. I hope I don't lose the momentum.. Cheers!

God Bless!!


Arpit Rastogi said...

All the best Janeman! :)

AbHi said...

again.. brilliant..
u r a way better writer than Head RnD.. :-P

Seththewhizkid said...

Thank you Rasto :)
Thank you Abhishek for your kind words.. :D

OurJaipur.Com said...

All the best.

Ankit Seth said...

Thank You! :)