Monday, August 13, 2012

Randomness, Read at your own risk!

Why is it so hard to write these days? Life used to be interesting and now it is like office 24X7. Saturday and Sunday used to be fun and now they are just like any other day. I miss that pune life, sleeping late waking up late. Not a care in the world about how the company is doing, where the money will come from. Nothing! And now not a day goes by I don't get the chills.. Where will I be in 2 years? Where the company will be? And as my mind keeps chugging these utterly useless thoughts, I wake up and start working.

Ok Ok! I shall stop cribbing..Take each day as it comes.. remember "the secret".. yes! thats what I say to myself.. Oh thank you Rhonda Byrne.. damn! When will the moment arrive? This time I have to wake up.. Concentrate.. pff! Breathe in Breathe out.. Are you following this? If not then you should.. helps clean your system they say.. Helps me relax I would say.. Anyways! Where was I? Oh yes! Nowhere. Damn!

Lets give it another shot, don't ruin this paragraph.. Say something substantial, something useful. The reader is not here to waste his/her time.. See! I am not male chauvinist (Did I use it correctly?.. I hope so.. I am bad at verbal).. The very thought of Verbal scares me.. What is with the fact that you have write the sentence with proper English Grammar and use impressive vocabulary to impress the reader? Isn't communication the main motive behind the language? Oh yes! Now I am saying something useful. haha!, So! where was I? Ya, Nowhere! Damn!

Alright this is the last time.. I should quite writing, its like I am writing in my diary.. the thoughts make no sense, writing whatever comes to mind. But do you see the point? This is every body's mind.. We are never satisfied. All we do is Crib.. Time to Act! Yes, I am saying this.. :P And its in every human's blood, even the gurus that are considered demigods, they crib too. I am sorry I wasted your precious time, Probably said it after my every post but what can I do? Life is boring these days!! I am like India TV.. No news still I have to show you something..

Wait! India TV.. seriously? hahaha.. Let me try the hash tag.. #getalife .. :D :D

Honestly! I want to go back to the time of my engineering, Life was so much fun, or school life will do.. With those heavy bags and covered notebooks. .... .. ..

......No wait! This life is fun too. All I have to do is find the fun part.. I'll start looking and what you can do is curse me for writing this nonsense. hehe.. Ok! I am just kidding I am fully aware and my senses are perfectly fine. Only my imagination has gone for a toss..  I wonder why? 

May be its the stress! 
Brain is in such a mess
I can still beat you in Chess
And even in fancy dress
I have something to confess
Take a wild guess
Ya! "Sending a file? don't forget to compress"
Control that anger you want to express
You want to hit me, I'll give you my address
So, get ready and do some bench press
Hehe! I was just trying to impress
Sorry for all this, God Bless!

A special mention: Congratulations to Team India, Six medals at the London Olympic Games.. :) Proud to be an Indian.. :)


AbHi said...

oh man.. u r such a nutcase.. hahahahha.. cant remember if I laughed so hard lately.. hahahahahaha..
Where was I? Nowhere..
India TV.. u really are an idiot... :D
every line was exactly what i think of these days..keep it up sethi saab.. the colors of joy will fly soon.. :-)

Seththewhizkid said...

hehehe.. I know.. :D Just wrote what came to mind.. India TV hahaha.. God bless me now.. :P
And yeah the colors of joy will fly soon.. :)

Sahil Bhalla said...


Seththewhizkid said...

haan bhalle kuch bhi.. thats y the topic is randomness.. :D :D

Arpit Rastogi said...

Sahi jaa rahi ho janeman! :P

Seththewhizkid said...

hahaha thanks rastoh.. :P

Deepti said...

OMG ! ! Your spirit is alive :) seems ghar jakar ur Zeher level has increased ....goood going..

Seththewhizkid said...

hehe.. thanks! :P.. yes I am still alive.. So is the "zehar" .. :D and your job is to keep it flowing in HMO.. :D