Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year in Review

Another year is over.. The earth survived 2012.. Wish it hadn't!.. Why? Because eventually we the people will destroy it ourselves. More on that later. I am not sure how should I proceed with this post. I mean with the recent events happening in "my" country, I am not able to access the early part of 2012 in my memory palace (Courtesy: Patrick Jane), Is it the beginning of the end of humanity, So I twist my nerves a little to analyze these events and soon  I begin to wonder.. who am I?

Am I a human? A citizen? An Indian? A Punjabi? A male?.. There are just too many titles for me. I am confused. Humanity is like a super class and then comes a citizen of a country, then which state I belong to, then the city & then they ask my sex. There are just too many questions, I am not saying there should not be any questions. But it has to stop at some point. This Discrimination!!!!.   

I see people showing their angst at the recent events with media giving the full support. The government putting its foot down and showing em whose boss and all hell is breaking lose. Well, to be honest whatever is happening may be for the good of mankind, but what about the issues that are happening behind closed doors and not coming out. And those issues that did come out (Remember Satyamev Jayate?, Let me guess .. Its long forgotten, Isn't it?). The mercy killing in the remote areas of Haryana, the rapes in the villages of Punjab. They are yet to be given the media attention.  A new born child is beaten up and brought to the brink of the death minutes after "she" enters the "beautiful" world. A 3 year old is raped and "a case is registered". This case registered thing is more like "Would you like to report the error to microsoft?"...  It will not make a difference. Not anymore. With the exploding population its difficult to keep track of all these cases. Is it time to bend the rules for once?

The problem is not just the government. Its Us as well! Yes, we all love to break the rules. Don't we? I mean from the smallest crime of breaking a traffic rule to taking a life, its all about breaking the rules. Change yourself and the whole world shall follow.
Can this thing be Stopped? You think? I don't think so, its something unavoidable. Can you control freewill? Can you control frustration? Can you control your anger? Can you stop someone from getting drunk? Ask yourself? Even a firm law cannot prevent it. 

But it can atleast slow it down... Have you ever wondered why the saddam hussain killing was televised? It was a means to spread fear in the hearts of all those who believe they are above the law. Why the outlaws in the early 20th century hanged in full public view? Same reason. Why not try these barbaric means to spread the fear. And this goes to everyone, from the PM of the country to the poorest man alive. Make the punishments of some crimes as deaths. Enough with the bail pleas and mercy petitions. Time to act!

Oh well.. The solution to this problem can be very simple..Increase the security, Spread the fear and teach the coming generation some manners and etiquettes (Yes, I am talking about parents spoiling their children by teaching them that they can do anything they want (Remember Jessica Lal case)).. but it has been made complicated by the very laws and leaders created and chosen by us. So I wonder if its upto us to take care of ourselves..??

 Yes! We have to take care of ourselves at the end of the day, I know how much we all love to party at night.. but as far as "our" country is concerned where alcohol is cheaper than petrol, Please avoid going out at night as much as you can atleast until some strict laws & security is implemented in this country, & this goes for both guys n girls because if there is a chance that a woman can be raped, there is an equal chance that the guys around her can be killed( Remember the Mumbai incident? ).

Well it was supposed to be an year in review, but the end of the year made us forget everything good that happened with the country.. For example The Olympic medals.. the biggest triumph of them all (Even that was overshadowed by the suspension of IOA).. Scams, Controversies are all we see on the idiot box nowadays..

As the saying goes "The darkest hour is always before dawn". Time for Mr. Bruce wayne to become a reality, A masked vigilante who knows no laws just right & wrong and beats the bad guys to a pulp. Not a bad idea.. will need one for every city in this country in that case.. cause its not just about Delhi, its about the life of every girl & every person of this country..

And remember .. India is democracy "of the people" "by the people" "for the people"... BAZINGA!!

Happy New year people.. :)

P.S : I still love my country & It will improve.. :)

God Bless!!


Deepti said...

Nicely written.

Happy New Year :)

P.S. Phir subah hogi :)

Seththewhizkid said...

Happy New year to you too.. :)

Sahi kaha.. fir subah hogi.. :)