Saturday, December 1, 2012

Imagine life without deadlines

Yesterday, I was wondering how our lives would be if there were no deadlines.. I mean, so many times I just want to sit back & relax.. you know not worry about the work's deadlines.. just cutoff  but Bang!.. you realize that all this thinking, you just lost an hour of that precious time & wait.. there is more.. there is a deadline.. so you have to cover up that 1 hour with some "extra effort".. And with that in mind, I reconfigure my thinking machine & go back to that place again where there are no deadlines..haha :D.. I turn to Mr. Farookh Balsara or "Freddie Mercury" as he is popularly known & listen to "I want to break free" .. Lyrics don't matter, I love the title.. :D and I imagine that place where I can just laze around and be at peace..

These thoughts in my head, they are just not rightly knit.. So I raise the volume of the song just to wake up & smell the reality, This life ain't about peace its about deadlines.. Yeah! no kiddin, even the word "deadline" has the word "dead" in it.. Even our life has a deadline.. I wonder if this word was created by a person whose phone wasn't working, you know the saying in India, phone is dead.. :P Sorry I know that was poor, the joke, not the person.. :D  Anyway.. deadline!, One frustrating word it is... Pay the bill by tomorrow, Do this work by tonight, Get married by December next year, Clean your room before tomorrow morning, Reach home before 5, See you at 6.. don't be late.. smiley face.. :D.. arghh! And you are done for the day & think Oh! these ultimatums & deadlines.. they are so irritating..

Lets take a break then... Lets see the other side of the coin.. This no deadline business is not that blissful.. I mean lets see how life will be without deadlines..

Since there is no deadline, you can get up late, be lazy, have all the time for your family & friends, can enjoy late night parties now, workaholic become become lazy.. your girlfriend/boyfriend leaves you since you are no longer good looking & don't reach on time.. your family thinks you are just wasting your don't get that extra cash you used to earn if you complete the project before the "deadline".. With all that fat & no exercise, you find it difficult to carry yourself around and wished you were  fit like you used to be.. with no pressure & deadlines you are in ruins..

Not a good it? Well its just a trailer & Its just hypothetical.. may be you can lead a better life with no deadlines.. In my opinion, You should live this fantasy of no deadlines & visit this place of peace for a day or two.. a short sojourn(We call them sundays.. :D) & get back to that tiring deadline life.. cause its probably for the best..

As a conclusion to this outrageously boring & imaginative post is that right now "Life is beautiful", with these deadlines you are much more active & your concentration is at an all time high (Yes! that because you are still reading this..:P).. With that in mind I go back to what I was doing and leave that deceptive place for a while & try to meet my deadline.. Remember "All that glitters is not gold" .. Enjoy your current life, its good enough! :)

God Bless!


Arpit Rastogi said...

Applause! :)

Bahut sahi likha hai.. This whole thing is nothing but state of mind.. Jab busy toh u hate busy-ness and when free toh u hate your unproductive boring life!

Iss sab ke beech me Life Happens, and we missed out..! Fir baad me yaad aata hai ki isse achha to wo wala tym tha jab hum blah-blah-blah me the.. tab hum khush kyn nhi tha.. :\

So better be happy today as if there is no tomorrow!

Seththewhizkid said...

Thank you rasto.. I think this applies to everyone.. enjoy life.. its good enough.. :)

Arpit Rastogi said...

Yo Baby! :)