Saturday, November 23, 2013

Days go by & we reach Dubai :)

Been a while now, 3 months 12 days to be precise.. and yes! Days go by is a song by Dirty vegas and a very important phrase. Why? There are two reasons for that,

1. Days are passing by so quickly that I don't have time to introspect/retrospect.
2. I am getting older and I can feel it at times.  We are all getting older as the days go by..

Lets just cut to the chase.. I am in no mood to write nowadays for two reasons

1.I am getting lazy with little less work.
2. I am on anti migraine meds. They are taking a toll on me. I have been given the amazing gift to sleep anytime I want. But Its a curse, its not under my control anymore.. :D Moving on..

So lets do the news then, how the past 3 months have been..

My 25th birthday was on 2nd October and it was a bad one, Lets not get into that detail. The whole of October passed by silently with some ups and downs. Bang! into November and for the first time in my life I went out of India, Against my will ofcourse (I am not travel kind of a person, also I had loads of work so it was hard to find time). But I went anyway, and it was a really great experience. I mean I feel really relaxed now and my concentration has jumped 200%.

So the trip to Dubai was great. I visited a desert, the tallest building in the world & met some really nice people.

Starting with the desert, it was one hell of a ride across the arabian desert, they call it the "desert safari". Mind you it wasn't a safari it was desert rollercoaster ride. We were on a Toyota Land Cruiser (4 wheel drive :P, yes! I have knowledge about cars (Thank you TopGear) ) & it was skidding everywhere on these sand dunes.. "Dune bashing" is what they called it.. Bashing! yes you read it right.. :D It was a great "adventurous" experience (The reason I highlighted it is because I am the most unadventurous person :P).

The terrain

Then there was the visit to the tallest building in the world, It stands like a giant pillar or something, visible from 30-40 kms away.. Its called the "Burj Khalifa". The first expression you get on your face after seeing this awe-inspiring building is "WOW". You are standing on the 125th floor of this building, your ear drums feel numb and you get this beautiful view at night.. And you feel awed by this magnificent creation. Thank you dubai for giving me this moment, Standing on top of this building and feeling the air, forgetting your troubles and just admiring the view. It was amazing..

View from "At the top, Burj Khalifa"

Another great thing about Dubai was the discipline the people had. And the helping nature of all the people there. It was nice to talk to "our neighbors". They were really nice in telling us all the facts about dubai and how their country is so similar to ours.

All in all a memorable experience, The only negative thing was that Dubai is damn expensive, wherever you go there is an "entry fee" and that runs into thousands.. But my suggestion is go with your family, keep a budget in mind and shop at "Meena bazaar" or "Dera Market" you can have all the fun & you'll feel at home as well at those places.. :). Thank you Dubai for the memories :)

"Jewel in the crown" 

God Bless!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The return of "Its time to think again"

Long time, no see! Yea! Its been a long time. To be very honest I was on a hiatus, finding my path to nirvana. Looking for answers to my never ending questions. So, I went on a journey to the himalayas & explore the other side of life. The existence of matter & the cosmic powers controlling our every move. The ever expanding universe & the constellations dotting the sky. The entire milky way was around me. I went on this search for peace and serenity. I was almost there.. and the hobbit theme started playing.. thats right! What? Thats my alarm.. And I woke up.. :D

The first line is true though.. I was on a hiatus not because I went on a quest to nirvana but I was really busy and occupied with work. Ya Its been more than a month I know but there was lack of material that I could write on probably because my life had gone dull & monotonous.

There is not much to share apart from the fact that I now have a car, Honda Brio which I love to drive & I recently did a course of Art Of Living. Been reading the last of Shiva Trilogy, "The oath of the vayuputras". But lets talk about the art of living. I was in no mood to join the course but my father persuaded me to join it & experience it, and to be very honest I felt a little better. I liked the change in my life. Although their teachings were good but its upto  each individual how he/she behaves in the society. So its not a magical course and that gives you a path to enlightenment, No! they don't even show you the door. You have to find that door and walk through it.

Enough of philosophy! Its pretty boring.. So Lets do a Quick news of the life in the past one month

1. New car (I love me brio :))
2. Lots of work.. No time for love.. :D
3. Did art of living course (Breathe in & breathe out )
4. Running out of ideas to write something & to make you laugh
5. No idea about what this point is going to be
6. Had to get to atleast 5, now am at 6
7. So proud, I actually got 7 points
8. Did I see a smile? ;)
9. What rubbish! Stop wasting the time..

God Bless People .. :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The weather today..

Crazy week it was.. Work, parties, Movies.. It had everything.. Didn't get time to read or write.. But now I am back.. Its sunday.. And it will be spent in the best possible way... By sleeping!

Yes! Thats the best way for me to spend a holiday.. Relax, laze around  the house & do absolutely nothing .. A book will do good though.. Anyways.. Back to the topic for today.. The weather.. I'll use the word that is uttered the most to describe a thing that is really good.. Awesome! haha.. There is no better way to describe it.

It was a usual day at the office until the clouds came with cool winds from the Himalayas & I couldn't stop myself from going out of the office & feel the breeze.. It was peaceful, It was serene, It was a big respite from the hot weather.. Yes! Thank you God!  And then it began to rain & I had to rush back in.. :P

But not before I clicked some nice pics:

The tree was dancing with the breeze

The amazing clouds that brought the wind
It was nice to relax after a crazy week.. Feel the wind & click some nice photos (Though I am not a photographer, I love photography).

Anyways.. Have a nice sunday!

God bless!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Always there by your side..

Another attempt at poetry & a different font.. :) 
To all those who think life is hard.. Guys just keep fighting cause you'll be the winner at the end..

I know time is not on your side 
With every minute passing by 
I wish you be fine 
And rise up & turn the tide 

This life is strange my friend 
It shows you happiness 
It shows you sorrow 
And keeps repeating from beginning to end
You have to fight each day 
And Stand up against all odds 
Face all difficulties
Only then you'll have the final say 

Sadness, you have to hide 
And start each day with a big smile 
And don't you worry.. 
Cause I'll always be there by your side

God Bless!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I believe I can fly..

The second poem on this blog & again the title is the name of a song.. :P :D Now thats creativity.. LOL! Hope you like it.. :)

Looking at the night sky
Seeing the full moon
He began to wonder
What would it be like to fly?

Just for a few hours or minutes
Having no boundaries
Just keep flying
To endless limits

But alas! Not in this life
A life with so much stress
Problems at every turn
Nations divided by economic strife

For once he wanted people to see
All that he was doing
But they turned away in disgust
"Thats it!" He said and decided to set free

"Set me free" he cries
He wanted to escape
To fly to endless limits
And touch the open skies

And he wondered again
The moments that he had just wasted
On a world that could never exist
A world without suffering and pain

Another attempt at poetry.. :) Random thoughts, no relation to my or anybody's life. We all want to fly & live life without stress & fear, but at the end we have to accept what life gives us.. 

Having said that.. :) I am pretty happy with my life.. :)

Comments/Suggestions welcome..

God Bless!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

5 characters one group & one person

This is my entry for We chat contest WeChat's Youtube channel

The concept is to place 5 or more characters & put them in we chat group.  I was so damn confused with the voices inside my head.. Everytime a new personality was presented. So, In the end I couldn't think any more & decided to put the these voices to reality & place them in the WeChat Group.

My concept is simple, I'll put the characters who are mostly inside me. Yes, they are like people inside my brain & inside almost everyone's brain who combine to make ME.

1. The fearlessly coward one
2. The surprisingly intelligent one
3. The gadget & car freak nerd
4. The extorvertly comic one
5. The procrastinating lazy boring one

The fearlessly coward one is afraid of certain situations & at times acts as the most courageous guy on the planet(like the decision to quit the job & start his own business). The intelligent one at times surprises everyone with his quick response especially in technology. The nerd loves to study at times & play PC games & hang around gadgets. The extorvertly comic one would do anything to make people laugh. The lazy boring one will hang around the house instead of going out & partying..

Why I chose them? Well they combine to make Ankit Seth the perfectly amazing guy he is.. lol.. Yes! I believe I am perfect (Not over confidence.. just a belief that I am capable enough to take on the world). And they are the ones who stay with you till the very end.. :)

What would they talk about? Each will have his own version of Ankit Seth & trust me they fight a lot, like the nerd one forces the lazy one to get up & play some games or something. The extorvertly comic one wants the nerd to go out & make people laugh & interact. The intelligent one would ask the fearlessly coward one to back out of certain situations and so on and so forth.

And these are just 5 which I have inside me most of the times, a new one will be located someday.. lol..

You may have more.. :)

Find the people inside you, Stop looking outside.. its all inside.. :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stuck in a moment...

He was coming back
The sun was shining bright
amidst the chaos
He had lost his track
She turned her face away
With her eyes glued to the world outside
She was thinking or ignoring he didn't care
Stuck in a moment, his heart began to pray
It had skipped a beat
Hoping she would turn around
And when she did
The earth slipped beneath his feet
This girl was the most beautiful he had ever seen
There were other people
Laughing & chatting all around
But for him the place was quiet & serene
He didn't blink & kept his eyes fixed
On the angel he had never seen
The entire bus was moving
Was it reality or his mind jinxed?
He couldn't remember what he was thinking
He never wanted the moment to end
In an instant she got off
he sighed & felt his heart sinking
She was like a priceless work of art
Like an enigma
Her beauty, her face, her eyes
were forever etched in his heart

Wanted to write a poem, so why not on a feeling called love.. :) Happens to all..

Not that good.. But as my best good friend says.. "Next one will be better".. (If there is one).. Anyways.. Comments/Criticism appreciated.. ;)

God Bless!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

That Strange feeling..

I really don't know how to explain this feeling but I'll try anyway.. :P

Ok! First of all its not about love so stop wasting your time.. :D I am not going to touch that chord so please read on.. :)

Hmm.. The month of May is going on.. If I remember correctly, Last year, around this time I was in Pune sitting in my rented apartment & planning my future.. I was also freaking out a lot that I was about to go jobless & follow a dream.. But I still went on, crawled through the last days came back home to Panchkula on May 26th, Saturday & started freaking out even more, the feeling hadn't sunk in.. And finally when it did I started working towards my dream..

Life dragged on & Bam! May 2013 was here & the situation now is like this, I am a director in a Private Limited Company (Feels awesome!) with limited profit margins but we'll get there.. but why  is it a strange feeling? I should be feeling Happy.. Right? To be honest, I am happy.. Very Happy but its just that I expected a little more, I mean you have your targets in your mind, I had them (And honestly my prime target was to come to break-even which we have surpassed) but I also had an "Optimal" target which has not been achieved properly..But I know we are almost there :) .."Raise the bar" is what they teach you.. And I took it pretty seriously :D I know We are doing Great! :)

I have freaked out a couple of times  revisiting my last day at Infy and thinking "Have I made the right choice?" . Life is so full of tension & stress.. is it? Or is it just me taking it unnecessarily, My doc tells me that In your work you shouldn't work beyond your capacity, this increases stress.. I don't know about working beyond capacity but I am surely thinking beyond capacity, about all the utterly useless stuff..that what now? Where to now? How to expand? How much to earn?.. 

I wish Life was a little easier with no questions.. If questions weren't enough, there was another element.. Peer/family/neighbour etc pressure... Even though nobody is asking what your son does? But I still have these thoughts in my mind where I think.. Am I doing the right thing by not jumping into MBA, high paying job & all that shit.. And the moment you see your parents & friends talking about someone getting a job in XYZ company at a package that boggles the mind, you think to your self & say it to yourself.. Bloody hell! I have my own company.. Why should I care? 

But actually we do.. We all do.. & I think this feeling should never be there.. And today I plan to get rid of all that & start enjoying my life & work like I have been working for the past 10 months, We will soon start expanding & may be after 3 years you will get to read in the papers about me..Its not a bad thing to imagine all this.. We should all have dreams (Achievable or not) :D hehe! 

One thing is for sure..I will always have faith in myself & the almighty... 

So Screw this strange feeling.. I am going back to work.. :)

To all the readers.. This is the time to follow your dream.. don't let some stupid feeling/emotion get in your way.. :P

God Bless!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

The importance of Reading & Writing..

Ok! First things first.. There have been doubts about my sexual orientation for quite sometime.. lol.. And I would like to clarify that I am straight.. Its not written anywhere that if you are single for the past 24 and a half years that means you are gay.. :D .. So Please stop with the "gay" jokes.. :P

Now that we are on the same track, lets start our topic for today.. "The importance of Reading & Writing".. I tell you why I chose this topic today because its one of the reasons why I am not in a relationship & still happy.. But  I also know that grass is always greener on the other side.. :D

Actually I am surrounded by people either in a relationship or near relationship & I?.. well I am miles behind, Reason: Yet to discover the reason behind this.. I think its something  to do with personality & looks.. which I believe in me are both excellent, hence no one looks at me to avoid jealousy etc.. :D There are other reasons as well which are probably unknown to Science.. Nevermind! :D

So, to avoid these stupid thoughts of why I don't have a girlfriend etc I turn to books & writing.. And this is not the only reason I turn to reading & writing.. Every time I feel frustrated with life or I am feeling bored I do these activities.. I know it sounds boring.. trust me! Its not, when you have your own mind talking to itself (Introspection & Retrospection etc).. It may sound a little insane but trust me it makes you sane..#Philosophy :D (Yes! I am using twitter too to beat these problems)

And as far as reading goes you have books that can just blow your mind, examples are "The kite runner", "Immortals of Meluha", "Shantaram", "The Alchemist" & The whole Jeffery Archer collection.. these are a few examples, there are so many books in the world that can inspire you to achieve great things & beat all those problems that are clogging your precious nerves.. So grab one today & stop thinking about the stupid things in life like "where will I be after 5 years?", "Will she say yes?", "How many pints of beer I should drink to forget that mistake?" :P (to count a few #Problemwithtodaysyouth )

Trust me.. this is one of the few posts where I am talking sense, Reading & Writing helps. If you are not interested in any of it then Alternatives include Watching a movie, Playing games etc to beat stress, anxiety and all those problems.. And this comes from a person who has done PHD in Stress :D

As a conclusion: You will face stress in life at almost every turn & not every time you will have someone standing by your side, you'll have to fight that stress yourself someday & that day you'll have to switch to these methods.. So why not start practicing today ;)

God Bless!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

02 & 03 of 13

I was going through my blog.. (Yes! I am on a break right now.. :P) & came across the 02 & 03 of 09 post & thought wow! I really had fun in those 2 months in 09 and thought what did I do in 13? :D

Its been 4 years.. Time goes by so fast.. :O :'( I want to go back to college..

Check out the previous post in 2009:
02 & 03 of 09

 It was a roller coaster ride in 09 and its the exact opposite in 13.. Not exactly opposite cause if you see carefully the opposite of a roller coaster ride should be a roller coaster ride.. See below the image:

See! Now turn it upside down or whichever way you view it, it will be a roller coaster.. Anyways I think you get the picture, Yes! I have had a boring 2 months with nothing special to share, only that I have been busy with work... my health has been close to 90% which is great by my standards, I have been sleeping 6 hours on an average which is beyond excellent by my standards, I have been going for morning walk 60-70% of the time which is surprising by my standards, I have been playing Table tennis almost daily and getting good at it which is spectacular by my standards, I have had maggi twice in 2 months, which is shocking by my standards, I went on a 2 day trip to kasauli which is unbelievable by my standards.. Its been pretty boring otherwise.. nothing major to share..

What else? .. Well Life is a little hectic, boring & monotonous but I don't know, part of me is happy about such a life with coding, lots of work & a schedule to follow.. And then there is another part of me that just wants to break out this life and go on a long holiday across Himalayas, be at peace! Whenever this part of me wants to take over, I just plug in my earphones and listen to some music.. Also I look at the amount of work that is left & the amount of work we need to do to sustain which scares the shit out of me at times & happening now as well.. :P

Anyway a post was due from my end.. No one seems to be writing? Which is kind of strange..
I cant live without writing, I wrote a couple of posts in the last two weeks but didn't publish.. they were meaning less like most of them.. (Like this one's any different? :D) but I really wanted to share something without thinking twice.. which is again astounding by my standards.. :D

God bless! :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

The end..

Its March 1 in India & its 1:15 AM, Friday and I am practicing Michael Jackson's dance moves, & learning the toughest one actually. How? Well We live in a world where you can learn from home. Here goes:

So, I got tired from work & decided to dance, then I got tired from that I decided to write.. So here I am writing a post on a topic that has no connection to the contents of the post. Well you can obviously associate the word "the end" with a lot of things.. life, movie, exams etc.. But I am not going to associate this word with anything cause the word just came to my mind & I wrote it here.

Anyways Life is going good.. busy with work, mind all occupied nothing interesting happening. I am still the old boring & predictable guy who writes his blog occasionally & entertains people with his childish sense of humor... hmmmm.. :P

Haha! Those were some words.. I poured my heart out... I wonder how I was able to write such content. haha!..

Alright so I went to watch Kai po che yesterday.. a good movie actually.. 3 friends facing ups and downs etc etc the usual chetan bhagat novel.. Has romance, thrill, fights everything.. I am pretty bad at writing or giving reviews.. So I shall not write one, there are two reasons for this:

1. I am bad at criticizing 2. I will just tell you the whole story.. :D

Go and watch the movie its worth the money.

Ya! now I have a routine set, I sleep as late as possible & wake up as early as possible which led to a sad demise of my favorite activity.. "Sleep" .. Oh sleep I miss you.. Not really.. I feel much better actually, you should try it too.

I am really occupied with work right now.. Which is a good thing.. Cause if you have no work then you play and no work all play makes ankit a smart boy.. :D

What else? Oh ya!

The end

Good night & God Bless!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I want to break free...

Every time I listen to Queen's track, I just start imagining life without stress.. Forgetting the reality that I have a shitload of work to do.. Then the track changes to I believe I can fly.. R Kelly.. Damn you man.. I know I can't fly and neither can I break free.. But I wish I could, cause all of this work & stress is killing me each day.. So.. I just increase the damn volume and forget about the work for 5-10 minutes & let my imagination run wild..

Here goes

I am driving my own Car.. Honda Brio(Blue color, and it doesn't exist yet) or Porsche Carrera GT .. Lets not keep our hopes high stick to brio.. :P.. some nice music.. alone or a girl on the front seat.. like I said keep your hopes low.. stick to alone.. driving somewhere in Switzerland (Yes! I somehow find Brio there). I park my car next to a stream of river with snow white mountains in the background.. Enjoying the peace.. there is no sound except for the flowing of the river.. Not a care in the world..
Suddenly.. there are shouts of "Wake up".. And I open my eyes to find out that the song has changed to Chopsuey by System of a down..

Bad timing! Infact good timing.. I have to get back to work.. The holiday can wait..The alps are still there I guess.. They'll always remain my dream destination.. One day perhaps.. :) but before anything else I want to explore India (hill stations mainly :P).. Ok! Enough of this imagination.. Lets get down to work & the "beautiful" reality where the stream of river is the work and the background is my laptop.. Tata!

God Bless!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Livestrong or not?

Lance Armstrong, 7 times tour de France winner, Olympic Bronze Medalist, 4th stage Cancer Survivor.. "A Symbol of hope" to billions of people has just been declared fraud.. He has been convicted of doping..  Confessed to taking dope as well.. People have started calling him a disgrace to the world of sport.
I, on the other hand.. really don't know what to say.. He has been an inspiration to me for as long as I can remember..

I still remember reading "Its not about the bike", I finished it in one stretch.. It was 5 years back.. "Never say die" are the words that come to your mind when you read the book.. And when I read about all the allegations & the news of his confession to those allegations last year I felt a little numb, No thoughts came to my mind.. I didn't want to hate the man who had been a symbol of hope all these years. So I just closed the newspaper & turned my attention elsewhere and today when I read about his interview with Oprah Winfrey, I again had the same feeling, I didn't know what to say.. Honestly! 

Yes! I am being neutral even after knowing the truth.. Had he been someone else accused of doping, I would have hated him/her for cheating.. But He ain't no ordinary guy, If you read his book & see the work he has done to help the cancer patients and gave hope to many who are suffering from the disease (God Bless them), you will feel the same way. But I even think, was all that charity work & foundations done to put a mask on all the doping activity he did? ... 

No! Absolutely not.. But then again.. Confused! 

Still struggling to come to terms with this episode.. :(

I still remember in one of the group discussions I participated in, I took a stand in favor of Lance Armstrong that He be declared a The symbol of all Sport for all he has achieved & done in his life.. Oh well! Strange world as they say.. You never know what can happen?

Conclusion: If you look up to him & idolize him then don't stop.. Just take the positive side of his life, He cheated in cycling, Agreed! But he cheated death too.. That speaks a lot about the man's character.. That no matter what, never give up hope!. And that lesson is what I need. And for that I thank you Mr. Armstrong for teaching us that. To conclude I'll quote my favorite line from my favorite movie:

"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies."

God Bless :)