Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I want to break free...

Every time I listen to Queen's track, I just start imagining life without stress.. Forgetting the reality that I have a shitload of work to do.. Then the track changes to I believe I can fly.. R Kelly.. Damn you man.. I know I can't fly and neither can I break free.. But I wish I could, cause all of this work & stress is killing me each day.. So.. I just increase the damn volume and forget about the work for 5-10 minutes & let my imagination run wild..

Here goes

I am driving my own Car.. Honda Brio(Blue color, and it doesn't exist yet) or Porsche Carrera GT .. Lets not keep our hopes high stick to brio.. :P.. some nice music.. alone or a girl on the front seat.. like I said keep your hopes low.. stick to alone.. driving somewhere in Switzerland (Yes! I somehow find Brio there). I park my car next to a stream of river with snow white mountains in the background.. Enjoying the peace.. there is no sound except for the flowing of the river.. Not a care in the world..
Suddenly.. there are shouts of "Wake up".. And I open my eyes to find out that the song has changed to Chopsuey by System of a down..

Bad timing! Infact good timing.. I have to get back to work.. The holiday can wait..The alps are still there I guess.. They'll always remain my dream destination.. One day perhaps.. :) but before anything else I want to explore India (hill stations mainly :P).. Ok! Enough of this imagination.. Lets get down to work & the "beautiful" reality where the stream of river is the work and the background is my laptop.. Tata!

God Bless!!