Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I want to break free...

Every time I listen to Queen's track, I just start imagining life without stress.. Forgetting the reality that I have a shitload of work to do.. Then the track changes to I believe I can fly.. R Kelly.. Damn you man.. I know I can't fly and neither can I break free.. But I wish I could, cause all of this work & stress is killing me each day.. So.. I just increase the damn volume and forget about the work for 5-10 minutes & let my imagination run wild..

Here goes

I am driving my own Car.. Honda Brio(Blue color, and it doesn't exist yet) or Porsche Carrera GT .. Lets not keep our hopes high stick to brio.. :P.. some nice music.. alone or a girl on the front seat.. like I said keep your hopes low.. stick to alone.. driving somewhere in Switzerland (Yes! I somehow find Brio there). I park my car next to a stream of river with snow white mountains in the background.. Enjoying the peace.. there is no sound except for the flowing of the river.. Not a care in the world..
Suddenly.. there are shouts of "Wake up".. And I open my eyes to find out that the song has changed to Chopsuey by System of a down..

Bad timing! Infact good timing.. I have to get back to work.. The holiday can wait..The alps are still there I guess.. They'll always remain my dream destination.. One day perhaps.. :) but before anything else I want to explore India (hill stations mainly :P).. Ok! Enough of this imagination.. Lets get down to work & the "beautiful" reality where the stream of river is the work and the background is my laptop.. Tata!

God Bless!!


Arpit Rastogi said...

haha.. love you janeman..

proud to see you at work at your own office! :)

And i wish if i could join you in your dreams.. :P

My dreams are full of shit anyways! :D

Happy Life Love! <3

Seththewhizkid said...

Your dreams are much bigger than mine.. and I am sure u will achieve them.. You are following ur passion bro.. and thats the best thing u can do with your life.. :)

All the best for the new endeavor.. :)