Friday, March 1, 2013

The end..

Its March 1 in India & its 1:15 AM, Friday and I am practicing Michael Jackson's dance moves, & learning the toughest one actually. How? Well We live in a world where you can learn from home. Here goes:

So, I got tired from work & decided to dance, then I got tired from that I decided to write.. So here I am writing a post on a topic that has no connection to the contents of the post. Well you can obviously associate the word "the end" with a lot of things.. life, movie, exams etc.. But I am not going to associate this word with anything cause the word just came to my mind & I wrote it here.

Anyways Life is going good.. busy with work, mind all occupied nothing interesting happening. I am still the old boring & predictable guy who writes his blog occasionally & entertains people with his childish sense of humor... hmmmm.. :P

Haha! Those were some words.. I poured my heart out... I wonder how I was able to write such content. haha!..

Alright so I went to watch Kai po che yesterday.. a good movie actually.. 3 friends facing ups and downs etc etc the usual chetan bhagat novel.. Has romance, thrill, fights everything.. I am pretty bad at writing or giving reviews.. So I shall not write one, there are two reasons for this:

1. I am bad at criticizing 2. I will just tell you the whole story.. :D

Go and watch the movie its worth the money.

Ya! now I have a routine set, I sleep as late as possible & wake up as early as possible which led to a sad demise of my favorite activity.. "Sleep" .. Oh sleep I miss you.. Not really.. I feel much better actually, you should try it too.

I am really occupied with work right now.. Which is a good thing.. Cause if you have no work then you play and no work all play makes ankit a smart boy.. :D

What else? Oh ya!

The end

Good night & God Bless!


Arpit Rastogi said...

Aaaye meri puppiii tera childish sense of humor.. we all love that jaan! :*

Aise hi likhta reh.. :)

Seththewhizkid said...

haha.. thank u meri jaan.. Tu bas comment karta reh.. :P mere to jo mann mein ata hai woh likh deta hun.. :D

Diksha Sharma said...

Seems like you were high while keying this post. Not a surprise to me. I am always high on life. :P

And you call each other "meri puppiii" and "meri jaan"? Seriously? :P

Seththewhizkid said...

haha yeah i was high on work & life.. :D It feels good.. :P

And yeah we call eachother that since college.. :D Just for fun.. Nothing serious.. ;) :D

Karunesh said...

We are used to a certain level of things "happening" around us at college. When that does not happen later, and you get into mind-numbingly boring work (anything that you are not doing for yourself is boring IMO), you start feeling ... bored.

Being in such a situation is good in a way, you get to know of emotions and thought patterns you never knew you had.

Hopefully it is just a phase and you will get over it.

Seththewhizkid said...

To be honest I am pretty happy with the work am doing :P Its just that too much work is bad as well.. need a long vacation i guess.. But yeah its just a phase.. :)