Tuesday, April 2, 2013

02 & 03 of 13

I was going through my blog.. (Yes! I am on a break right now.. :P) & came across the 02 & 03 of 09 post & thought wow! I really had fun in those 2 months in 09 and thought what did I do in 13? :D

Its been 4 years.. Time goes by so fast.. :O :'( I want to go back to college..

Check out the previous post in 2009:
02 & 03 of 09

 It was a roller coaster ride in 09 and its the exact opposite in 13.. Not exactly opposite cause if you see carefully the opposite of a roller coaster ride should be a roller coaster ride.. See below the image:

See! Now turn it upside down or whichever way you view it, it will be a roller coaster.. Anyways I think you get the picture, Yes! I have had a boring 2 months with nothing special to share, only that I have been busy with work... my health has been close to 90% which is great by my standards, I have been sleeping 6 hours on an average which is beyond excellent by my standards, I have been going for morning walk 60-70% of the time which is surprising by my standards, I have been playing Table tennis almost daily and getting good at it which is spectacular by my standards, I have had maggi twice in 2 months, which is shocking by my standards, I went on a 2 day trip to kasauli which is unbelievable by my standards.. Its been pretty boring otherwise.. nothing major to share..

What else? .. Well Life is a little hectic, boring & monotonous but I don't know, part of me is happy about such a life with coding, lots of work & a schedule to follow.. And then there is another part of me that just wants to break out this life and go on a long holiday across Himalayas, be at peace! Whenever this part of me wants to take over, I just plug in my earphones and listen to some music.. Also I look at the amount of work that is left & the amount of work we need to do to sustain which scares the shit out of me at times & happening now as well.. :P

Anyway a post was due from my end.. No one seems to be writing? Which is kind of strange..
I cant live without writing, I wrote a couple of posts in the last two weeks but didn't publish.. they were meaning less like most of them.. (Like this one's any different? :D) but I really wanted to share something without thinking twice.. which is again astounding by my standards.. :D

God bless! :)