Thursday, May 23, 2013

5 characters one group & one person

This is my entry for We chat contest WeChat's Youtube channel

The concept is to place 5 or more characters & put them in we chat group.  I was so damn confused with the voices inside my head.. Everytime a new personality was presented. So, In the end I couldn't think any more & decided to put the these voices to reality & place them in the WeChat Group.

My concept is simple, I'll put the characters who are mostly inside me. Yes, they are like people inside my brain & inside almost everyone's brain who combine to make ME.

1. The fearlessly coward one
2. The surprisingly intelligent one
3. The gadget & car freak nerd
4. The extorvertly comic one
5. The procrastinating lazy boring one

The fearlessly coward one is afraid of certain situations & at times acts as the most courageous guy on the planet(like the decision to quit the job & start his own business). The intelligent one at times surprises everyone with his quick response especially in technology. The nerd loves to study at times & play PC games & hang around gadgets. The extorvertly comic one would do anything to make people laugh. The lazy boring one will hang around the house instead of going out & partying..

Why I chose them? Well they combine to make Ankit Seth the perfectly amazing guy he is.. lol.. Yes! I believe I am perfect (Not over confidence.. just a belief that I am capable enough to take on the world). And they are the ones who stay with you till the very end.. :)

What would they talk about? Each will have his own version of Ankit Seth & trust me they fight a lot, like the nerd one forces the lazy one to get up & play some games or something. The extorvertly comic one wants the nerd to go out & make people laugh & interact. The intelligent one would ask the fearlessly coward one to back out of certain situations and so on and so forth.

And these are just 5 which I have inside me most of the times, a new one will be located someday.. lol..

You may have more.. :)

Find the people inside you, Stop looking outside.. its all inside.. :)


Arpit Rastogi said...

Hahaha.. its fun to know the inside you!

Oye grow one drunkard fellow as well, we ll get along really well! :)

Ankit Seth said...

hahaha.. ya its hard to grow a drunkard fellow inside.. :D Never got addicted to it.. :P And we already get along pretty well.. ;)

KK said...

Indeed its all inside.

Ankit, Ankit, Ankit, Ankit and Ankit, nice meeting all 5 of you!

Deepti said...

Ha aa aha , loved the innovation u have shown fr the contest entry :)

Mr.Zeher , name for comic one :P

Arpit Rastogi said...

oh i was talking on behalf of my drunkard fellow. :P

Ankit Seth said...

hahaha good one.. ;)

Ankit Seth said...

Nice to meet you too from all 5 :D

Ankit Seth said...

hehe.. thank you.. :D Wrote what came to mind.. :D
And ya I miss the zeher time in the cubical.. :D

a Rat said...

very interesting post. had fun reading it.. all the best. :)

A Rat's Nibble - Happy September

Ankit Seth said...

@a Rat
Thanks a lot for commenting. I am glad you liked it.. :)