Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I believe I can fly..

The second poem on this blog & again the title is the name of a song.. :P :D Now thats creativity.. LOL! Hope you like it.. :)

Looking at the night sky
Seeing the full moon
He began to wonder
What would it be like to fly?

Just for a few hours or minutes
Having no boundaries
Just keep flying
To endless limits

But alas! Not in this life
A life with so much stress
Problems at every turn
Nations divided by economic strife

For once he wanted people to see
All that he was doing
But they turned away in disgust
"Thats it!" He said and decided to set free

"Set me free" he cries
He wanted to escape
To fly to endless limits
And touch the open skies

And he wondered again
The moments that he had just wasted
On a world that could never exist
A world without suffering and pain

Another attempt at poetry.. :) Random thoughts, no relation to my or anybody's life. We all want to fly & live life without stress & fear, but at the end we have to accept what life gives us.. 

Having said that.. :) I am pretty happy with my life.. :)

Comments/Suggestions welcome..

God Bless!


A Homemaker's Utopia said...

wonderful lines..:-)

amitej kalra said...

very nice... i guess everyone is trying to find "neverland"... well-written... love the last stanza... :P

OurJaipur.Com said...


KK said...

We all have a part of ourselves that wants to achieve something great and then bask in its glory, and another part that just wants to kick the bad guys and make this world a better place to live.

To me, this poem tells of how most of us just keep stretching ourselves in between these (and more) parts of ourselves.

Arpit Rastogi said...

Din pratidin lovely hoti ja rhi hai tu :)

Congrats you have more visitors now!

And change this theme plus remove the bloody word verification!

Pankaj Dhamija said...

Nice dear.. its very meaningful. Very nice portrayal of imagination, thoughts. Continue it.. All the Best ! God Bless !

Ankit Seth said...

Thank you.. :)

Ankit Seth said...

haha.. thank you bro.. looking forward to an entry from u now.. :P

Ankit Seth said...

Thanks :)

Ankit Seth said...

You are absolutely right my friend.. It was written randomly but I really wanted to convey what you just said "most of us just keep stretching ourselves" and we all want to live in a better place.. :)

Ankit Seth said...

haha.. sab teri wajah se hai meri jaan.. :) And ya thanks more visitors.. thanks to indiblogger :)
I have removed the verification, will change the theme as well.. Only for u ;)

Ankit Seth said...

Thank you bhaiya.. I write whatever comes to mind.. I am glad u liked it.. :)

Deepti said...

Sabse pehle thanks to ur friend jiske liye u removed this word verification , even I hate that so much :P

And for post, too good :)

You can always fly
Till you have all these flights
Pay and u get a seat
Be it in Go AIR or JETLITE :D

Ankit Seth said...

haha thank you. And I have tried Go air & jetlite.. Spicejet is better.. :P

Arpit Rastogi said...

cool babe! :*

Deepti said...

Hahaha , my experience with spicejet was nt that great :-/
Anyways , now we gotta use own wings to fly n fly


Just for a few hours or minutes
Having no boundaries
Just keep flying
To endless limits.... so many times I have wished for the same.
Beautiful creation.

Ankit Seth said...

Thank you :)