Friday, May 10, 2013

That Strange feeling..

I really don't know how to explain this feeling but I'll try anyway.. :P

Ok! First of all its not about love so stop wasting your time.. :D I am not going to touch that chord so please read on.. :)

Hmm.. The month of May is going on.. If I remember correctly, Last year, around this time I was in Pune sitting in my rented apartment & planning my future.. I was also freaking out a lot that I was about to go jobless & follow a dream.. But I still went on, crawled through the last days came back home to Panchkula on May 26th, Saturday & started freaking out even more, the feeling hadn't sunk in.. And finally when it did I started working towards my dream..

Life dragged on & Bam! May 2013 was here & the situation now is like this, I am a director in a Private Limited Company (Feels awesome!) with limited profit margins but we'll get there.. but why  is it a strange feeling? I should be feeling Happy.. Right? To be honest, I am happy.. Very Happy but its just that I expected a little more, I mean you have your targets in your mind, I had them (And honestly my prime target was to come to break-even which we have surpassed) but I also had an "Optimal" target which has not been achieved properly..But I know we are almost there :) .."Raise the bar" is what they teach you.. And I took it pretty seriously :D I know We are doing Great! :)

I have freaked out a couple of times  revisiting my last day at Infy and thinking "Have I made the right choice?" . Life is so full of tension & stress.. is it? Or is it just me taking it unnecessarily, My doc tells me that In your work you shouldn't work beyond your capacity, this increases stress.. I don't know about working beyond capacity but I am surely thinking beyond capacity, about all the utterly useless stuff..that what now? Where to now? How to expand? How much to earn?.. 

I wish Life was a little easier with no questions.. If questions weren't enough, there was another element.. Peer/family/neighbour etc pressure... Even though nobody is asking what your son does? But I still have these thoughts in my mind where I think.. Am I doing the right thing by not jumping into MBA, high paying job & all that shit.. And the moment you see your parents & friends talking about someone getting a job in XYZ company at a package that boggles the mind, you think to your self & say it to yourself.. Bloody hell! I have my own company.. Why should I care? 

But actually we do.. We all do.. & I think this feeling should never be there.. And today I plan to get rid of all that & start enjoying my life & work like I have been working for the past 10 months, We will soon start expanding & may be after 3 years you will get to read in the papers about me..Its not a bad thing to imagine all this.. We should all have dreams (Achievable or not) :D hehe! 

One thing is for sure..I will always have faith in myself & the almighty... 

So Screw this strange feeling.. I am going back to work.. :)

To all the readers.. This is the time to follow your dream.. don't let some stupid feeling/emotion get in your way.. :P

God Bless!!


Deepti said...

Follow your dreams we are taught
50% do and rest fall
You are lucky you took right decision
To build your dream mansion

Unlike others who are working ( read:dying)
Just for their monthly income
As I write my heart is sinking
Coz I come under the falling 50 percent.

Lol , seriously I wrote this :p pls ignore..nice post..keeep moving :)

KK said...

Since you mentioned 'love' in the beginning, I must say that this is indeed the time to follow our dreams because there is no girlfriend/wife, no kids and no loans/mortgages. So, nothing (much) to lose.

The strange feeling is nothing but an itch in your mind that wants you to do more and more and more, no matter what you have achieved till now. It is a very good thing in my opinion :-)

Seththewhizkid said...

hehe well said.. but you should start following your dreams now :) its now or never..

Seththewhizkid said...

Couldn't agree more.. You are absolutely right.. Thats what I had in mind when I quit my job & began my journey towards my dream.. And as far as the strange feeling goes it is sort of an itch to work hard & achieve more.. :)

And good luck to u.. Hope you are also following/will follow your dream :)

Arpit Rastogi said...

Aaye haaye meri puppi.. you are doing good.. strange feeling to bhai mujhe bhi hoti hai like kya karun haaye kuch kuch hota hai :P par chalta hai kyunki darr sabko lagta hai or darr ke aage jeet hai.. ;)

Seththewhizkid said...

haha..meri jaan.. ;) sahi kaha.. darr k aagay jeet hai.. mountain dew peeni padegi ab to :D Chal aaj kuch toofani bhi karte hain ab.. :P

Arpit Rastogi said...

haha.. chal chalein apne ghar humsafar! :) :P