Sunday, June 16, 2013

The weather today..

Crazy week it was.. Work, parties, Movies.. It had everything.. Didn't get time to read or write.. But now I am back.. Its sunday.. And it will be spent in the best possible way... By sleeping!

Yes! Thats the best way for me to spend a holiday.. Relax, laze around  the house & do absolutely nothing .. A book will do good though.. Anyways.. Back to the topic for today.. The weather.. I'll use the word that is uttered the most to describe a thing that is really good.. Awesome! haha.. There is no better way to describe it.

It was a usual day at the office until the clouds came with cool winds from the Himalayas & I couldn't stop myself from going out of the office & feel the breeze.. It was peaceful, It was serene, It was a big respite from the hot weather.. Yes! Thank you God!  And then it began to rain & I had to rush back in.. :P

But not before I clicked some nice pics:

The tree was dancing with the breeze

The amazing clouds that brought the wind
It was nice to relax after a crazy week.. Feel the wind & click some nice photos (Though I am not a photographer, I love photography).

Anyways.. Have a nice sunday!

God bless!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Always there by your side..

Another attempt at poetry & a different font.. :) 
To all those who think life is hard.. Guys just keep fighting cause you'll be the winner at the end..

I know time is not on your side 
With every minute passing by 
I wish you be fine 
And rise up & turn the tide 

This life is strange my friend 
It shows you happiness 
It shows you sorrow 
And keeps repeating from beginning to end
You have to fight each day 
And Stand up against all odds 
Face all difficulties
Only then you'll have the final say 

Sadness, you have to hide 
And start each day with a big smile 
And don't you worry.. 
Cause I'll always be there by your side

God Bless!!