Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Always there by your side..

Another attempt at poetry & a different font.. :) 
To all those who think life is hard.. Guys just keep fighting cause you'll be the winner at the end..

I know time is not on your side 
With every minute passing by 
I wish you be fine 
And rise up & turn the tide 

This life is strange my friend 
It shows you happiness 
It shows you sorrow 
And keeps repeating from beginning to end
You have to fight each day 
And Stand up against all odds 
Face all difficulties
Only then you'll have the final say 

Sadness, you have to hide 
And start each day with a big smile 
And don't you worry.. 
Cause I'll always be there by your side

God Bless!!


Arpit Rastogi said...

Loved it man :)

You are amazing!


Nice and reassuring, loved the 3rd stanza :)

Ankit Seth said...

@rasto Thank you meri jaan.. :) Teri photos kyun band ho gayi? Woh bhi amazing thi.. :)

Thank you :)

Arpit Rastogi said...

Arey wo toh aati rahengi! :)

And your new template is good :)

Deepti said...

Nice template , feel gud factor aaya blog kholke ekdum :)

And I guess its ur thrd attempt at poetry , I must say u r a fast learner :)
Ek purana gaana yaad aa gaya padh ke -
Aati rahengi bahare
Jaati rahengi bahare
Dil ki najar se duniya ko dekho
Duniya sada hi haseen hai ...la la la

Fizz Genuine said...

Inspiring... :)

Mitali Cyrus said...

Nice poem, esp the way it ended on an optimistic note.. And really cool new template.

Ankit Seth said...

@deepti Thanks a lot.. :)
And mast lines gaane ki.. :)

@Fizz Genuine Thank you :)

@Mitali Thanks a lot :)

a Rat said...

positive feeling.. good one. loved it :)

Ankit Seth said...

Thank you :)

amitej kalra said...

nice man... dont know why i did not read it earlier.. really nice.. :)