Sunday, August 11, 2013

The return of "Its time to think again"

Long time, no see! Yea! Its been a long time. To be very honest I was on a hiatus, finding my path to nirvana. Looking for answers to my never ending questions. So, I went on a journey to the himalayas & explore the other side of life. The existence of matter & the cosmic powers controlling our every move. The ever expanding universe & the constellations dotting the sky. The entire milky way was around me. I went on this search for peace and serenity. I was almost there.. and the hobbit theme started playing.. thats right! What? Thats my alarm.. And I woke up.. :D

The first line is true though.. I was on a hiatus not because I went on a quest to nirvana but I was really busy and occupied with work. Ya Its been more than a month I know but there was lack of material that I could write on probably because my life had gone dull & monotonous.

There is not much to share apart from the fact that I now have a car, Honda Brio which I love to drive & I recently did a course of Art Of Living. Been reading the last of Shiva Trilogy, "The oath of the vayuputras". But lets talk about the art of living. I was in no mood to join the course but my father persuaded me to join it & experience it, and to be very honest I felt a little better. I liked the change in my life. Although their teachings were good but its upto  each individual how he/she behaves in the society. So its not a magical course and that gives you a path to enlightenment, No! they don't even show you the door. You have to find that door and walk through it.

Enough of philosophy! Its pretty boring.. So Lets do a Quick news of the life in the past one month

1. New car (I love me brio :))
2. Lots of work.. No time for love.. :D
3. Did art of living course (Breathe in & breathe out )
4. Running out of ideas to write something & to make you laugh
5. No idea about what this point is going to be
6. Had to get to atleast 5, now am at 6
7. So proud, I actually got 7 points
8. Did I see a smile? ;)
9. What rubbish! Stop wasting the time..

God Bless People .. :)


Arpit Rastogi said...

Haha.. Congrats janeman for your new car! :)

I might come to chandigarh.. give me a ride then ;)

Rasto! :)

Mitali Cyrus said...


Ankit Seth said...

@arpit sure sure .. will wait for u.. ;)
@mitali :)

amitej kalra said...

nice... :)

Ankit Seth said...

@amitej kalra Thanks :)

khushi said...

congratulations for your new car....
wish to see some more stuff on your blog..!


Ankit Seth said...

Thanks a lot Khushi..
Welcome to my blog :)

KK said...

Congrats on the car man.

As far as a hiatus goes, seeing something after some time is good.

Ankit Seth said...

Thanks KK
Yeah it was good to experience change..

Hamida H said...
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