Saturday, November 23, 2013

Days go by & we reach Dubai :)

Been a while now, 3 months 12 days to be precise.. and yes! Days go by is a song by Dirty vegas and a very important phrase. Why? There are two reasons for that,

1. Days are passing by so quickly that I don't have time to introspect/retrospect.
2. I am getting older and I can feel it at times.  We are all getting older as the days go by..

Lets just cut to the chase.. I am in no mood to write nowadays for two reasons

1.I am getting lazy with little less work.
2. I am on anti migraine meds. They are taking a toll on me. I have been given the amazing gift to sleep anytime I want. But Its a curse, its not under my control anymore.. :D Moving on..

So lets do the news then, how the past 3 months have been..

My 25th birthday was on 2nd October and it was a bad one, Lets not get into that detail. The whole of October passed by silently with some ups and downs. Bang! into November and for the first time in my life I went out of India, Against my will ofcourse (I am not travel kind of a person, also I had loads of work so it was hard to find time). But I went anyway, and it was a really great experience. I mean I feel really relaxed now and my concentration has jumped 200%.

So the trip to Dubai was great. I visited a desert, the tallest building in the world & met some really nice people.

Starting with the desert, it was one hell of a ride across the arabian desert, they call it the "desert safari". Mind you it wasn't a safari it was desert rollercoaster ride. We were on a Toyota Land Cruiser (4 wheel drive :P, yes! I have knowledge about cars (Thank you TopGear) ) & it was skidding everywhere on these sand dunes.. "Dune bashing" is what they called it.. Bashing! yes you read it right.. :D It was a great "adventurous" experience (The reason I highlighted it is because I am the most unadventurous person :P).

The terrain

Then there was the visit to the tallest building in the world, It stands like a giant pillar or something, visible from 30-40 kms away.. Its called the "Burj Khalifa". The first expression you get on your face after seeing this awe-inspiring building is "WOW". You are standing on the 125th floor of this building, your ear drums feel numb and you get this beautiful view at night.. And you feel awed by this magnificent creation. Thank you dubai for giving me this moment, Standing on top of this building and feeling the air, forgetting your troubles and just admiring the view. It was amazing..

View from "At the top, Burj Khalifa"

Another great thing about Dubai was the discipline the people had. And the helping nature of all the people there. It was nice to talk to "our neighbors". They were really nice in telling us all the facts about dubai and how their country is so similar to ours.

All in all a memorable experience, The only negative thing was that Dubai is damn expensive, wherever you go there is an "entry fee" and that runs into thousands.. But my suggestion is go with your family, keep a budget in mind and shop at "Meena bazaar" or "Dera Market" you can have all the fun & you'll feel at home as well at those places.. :). Thank you Dubai for the memories :)

"Jewel in the crown" 

God Bless!


KK said...

It is nice to know the people there are nice.

And even better to know that going there was good for your concentration etc. Better morale is one of the best things travel does to you.

Ankit Seth said...

Yeah never thought travelling would help my concentration but it did.. So my suggestion take a vacation every 6 months :P

Arpit Rastogi said...

Kya baat kitty bahar ki duniya dekh aayi! :P
Achi post hai, kind of a travelogue.. i like it!

I think its time for another trip.. aati kya khandala ;)

Ankit Seth said...

haha abhi to baut duniya dekhni hai jaan e mann :P

Yeah time for another trip.. chalte hain khandala..

btw when is ur next post coming? Baut time ho gaya..

Arpit Rastogi said...

Post bhi aa jayegi janeman! :P