Thursday, August 6, 2015

Let the whole world burn..

Yes! Thats copied from Poets of the fall song "Daze". And I don't literally mean to let the whole world burn. I am a peace lover, the most non violent guy you'll ever find :P but I meant it in another sense. Intrigued? Keep reading ;)

So we all know that life is all about learning, we see something, perceive it in a million different ways. We judge the situations at times creating hypothetical maps and scenarios in the brain not knowing that its all a bunch of bullshit and we wasted some precious moments of our lives. Yeah! Thats thinking beyond what your brain can handle. So stop thinking and work, enjoy, play, live!

Anyways, back to the topic continuing from the thinking part, now our thought process also involves the fact we keep thinking, what the world/Friends/Family/Society/Neighbours/your driver/your maid/your garbage man/the guy sitting next to you in the coffee shop/that wasp on the window/that lizard on the wall/That elephant in the african jungles/your boss are thinking about you. Why this unnecessary burden of thoughts? Why can't we just let the whole world burn/be? Care about our own lives and don't give a fuck about who or what is thinking. If we keep thinking and going on that path then only destruction of our precious nerve cells awaits us.

Sometimes all we have to do is just let it be and let it go. The whole process of thinking like this leads to negativity which leads to you doing stupid acts.  Complicated post I know :P and a bit deep too but...

The whole idea of this post is to make you aware that concentrate on the better things in Life and don't be concerned about what Tom, dick and harry are thinking. And drop the judgemental attitude, respect & love everyone no matter what. This life is way too short for hatred by friend :)

Enjoy life! Live your life and your moments & Let the whole world burn! ;)

And listen to this, A great song by Poets of the fall (Keeping Rock music alive. Thank you! :) )

God Bless! :)


rohini said...

Love it Anku!! Makes total sense 😊😊.. Wishful thinking to stop thinking though😞😐😁

Arpit Rastogi said...

bc f word on your blog :O

Last time daru, iss time gaali.. Bc virus toh ni aa gaya andar :P

Valid points though!

Ankit Seth said...

@Rohini Thanks a lot micku :) .. I know thinking is such a waste of time :D

Ankit Seth said...

@Rasto Haha Virus hi samajh le lol :D Thats for impact lol :P Points ki validity badh gayi :D :D