Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Music - The medicine for everything

After some philosophical posts, lets try and do some more philosophy lol! I know you are bored of hearing all about what to and what not to do in life. I know all these lessons suck after a while. We all do what our heart tells us. We don't look here or there and just dive into it thinking that this is probably one of the best decisions of our lives only to find out that It was all a stupid mistake and try to get back to the old miserable life.

But, is it all there to it? What happens once we make a decision and fight to make it going but fail in the end? Thats when the real test of character begins. How beautifully you tackle a tricky situation where your heart is already hurt, now you hurt your mind, body and soul.

And it all goes haywire like a spiral downhill. All the beautiful things around seem ugly, food loses its taste. Voices become silent, water doesn't quench your thirst, life seems meaningless, purposeless, lossless, motionless, weightless, lessless.. lol.  Thoughts take the best of you and you find yourself standing alone in the middle of a room with dead senses thinking that its probably the end of the world!

"SNAP! Come out of that thought you dumb creature! Thats not the way to live life." say that to yourself when that happens to you ever again. Neither its the end of the world nor you are gonna let your thoughts take control of you! Instead, take that phone/laptop/mp3 player/walkman/cd changer/tv/radio/car stereo/dj system/guitar/piano/congo/flute/mouth organ/baja (Hindi) in your hand and start playing some awesome music cause thats gonna take your bloody thoughts away because frankly these utterly useless thoughts make no sense.

There are a billion other beautiful things to do and thinking is not one of them. There is a whole life to look forward to.  Can you see? No! Not yet? Look closely...

That shining star in the sky is you
Those beautiful drops of dew
That shine with the light
Make the darkest places seem bright

Your journey has just begun
You can make it joyous and fun
Hop on the joy train my dear
Let it take away your fear

Failure hurts but only you have the cure
What are you waiting for?
Sing, dance, breathe and let go
Drop those troubles and go with the flow

Fight the emotions my friend
You know this is not the end
Now is not the time to cry
But to spread your wings and fly

Just smile and close your eyes
Run around and catch those fireflies
Everything is going to be fine
Because its your time to shine

P.S: Listen to some good music, it always helps. Whether your are sick or just recovering from a recent setback. Don't waste your thoughts, save them! And let the music take over.

God Bless! :)

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