Thursday, August 27, 2015

Welcome to the new age..

My last post was about how music can heal you at times. This post is again about music but more around the fact how things have changed in music. Frankly, I can listen to anything as long as it connects to me, I don’t care about the musician. No preconceived notions anymore. I’d rather judge music after listening to it. That doesn’t mean I love One direction and Justin Beiber :P. I’ve listened to couple of tracks of both and I didn’t like them, as simple as that. :D 

Earlier I used to criticise them without even listening to them. But after listening to them I can  criticise them freely lol. Anyways, continuing with the subject of the post, its about how music has changed in these many years. From Heavy metal, hard rock to EDM tracks with techno voices. It still sounds good to ear but its not the same. Those raw guitar solos are now replaced by dance beats and less lyrics but we all can adapt.  So have I. I have learnt to like that kind of music along with the amazing bliss of Pink floyd, Led Zeppelin & Queen (My favourite band still #showmustgoon). I generally listen to these songs on VH1, 9XO and tv series (thank you suits :P) 

Coming to bands and solo artists that I listen to nowadays and you can try listening to them too.

  1. Poets of the fall - They rank way higher for me than anyother band because they have kept guitar solos alive. And their music and their lyrics are like a breath of fresh air for me every time I listen to their tracks. And we keep driving into the night, its (not) a lategoodbye :)
  2. Maroon 5 - Peppy, alternative rock music, Don’t give a fuck guys. Yeah these guys don’t care about what music to launch. They just do it. Use swear words and all and all in a good way. This summer definitely hurt like a…. :P
  3. Imagine Dragons - Welcome to the new age, they announced their arrival.. Radioactive the longest running track on billboard is my favourite from the band. At times I put shots on the loop. I am sorry for everything I’ve done, From the second that I was born it seems I had a loaded gun..And then I shot, shot, shot a hole through everything I love..Oh, I shot, shot, shot a hole through every single thing that I loved.. Love the lyrics.
  4. Coldplay - I switch to them occasionally whenever I want to feel good. They are splitting up after their new album by the way which breaks my heart. Damn you! It was para para paradise..
  5. Mumford and Sons - Started listening to them recently. Versatile style is good. Combining country style instruments with guitar and drums their music is pretty good. They gave us all and it worked :)
  6. Sia - I have 6-7 songs of her on my list. Her voice pitch and unique singing style makes her stand apart. And the videos.. I never get them what she is trying to convey but they look amazing at times :D. What can I say fire finally met gasoline for her and brought her to the top of solo artists of this decade. 

Honorable mentions - One Republic, Bastille, Years and Years, Florence and the machine, Lorde, The weeknd, Eddie goulding, Adele, John Newman,Wrabel.. I keep researching for more so it will never end :)

Honorable mentions (Songs) of less heard songs as per youtube but brilliant numbers, deserve more views:

  1. Into the wild by Wrabel
  2. Think by Kalieda
  3. Ten feet tall by Wrabel
  4. Human by Krwella
  5. Reign o'er me (Lovelife remix) by The Who :)
  6. Icarus by White hinterland
  7. Pay my depts by sharon van etten
  8. High by Peking duk ft. Nicole Millar
And many more.. I will keep updating on future posts :P .. Music is life after all.. 

Listen to them and just forget your troubles .. :) God Bless!