Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wings of fire..

The voices in its head
"Give up", They echo the same thing
So many tears it shred
The bird had lost its wing

Darkness surrounds the bird
It looks for some light
Without saying a word
It prepares for the fight

With one wing and tired legs
The fight will be hard it knows
"Have mercy" its soul begs
But It has to walk the path it chose

The battle has started
The bird is taking a beating
It felt its soul had departed
Four words it kept repeating

"I won't give up" it said out loud
Hearing this, Its enemy froze
It got the attention of the crowd
Hope had given its dose

The bird was on its feet now
It spread its wings again
Looked up and took a bow
It no longer felt the pain

The voices began to fade
The tears were now dry
The bird was no longer afraid
Took the leap and began to fly

The bird had done it
Its enemy was on the run
And took all the darkness with it
The bird knew, The battle was won